Sea creature collage

sea creature collage

You must be wondering why my girl has suddenly done up a sea creature collage since we covered the Sea/ Ocean unit (you can view our activities from the link) last year.

This was assigned as her term break homework by her kindergarten so one day while her little brother was taking his nap in the afternoon, I got her to work on it.

To make it easier for her, I had bought some stickers which she could use in the collage (I decided on stickers because the collage could not be larger than A4 size) so she only needed to do up the background plus any other small features she wanted to include. I didn’t actually intend to blog about this but because the outcome turned out so beautiful – and she did it 100% on her own – I couldn’t help but want to write about it!

I demonstrated on a separate piece of paper that we should divide the paper into the sea (blue) and the seabed (yellow-ish). She painted hers while I did up mine and in the end, I felt that hers turned out nicer than mine (I’m ashamed, but I still have to admit it). She was very bold with her colours and strokes – I suppose this confidence was built up from her weekly art lessons at HeART Studio! She chose blue, white and black for the sea and yellow, red and black for the seabed. Although she used such extreme colours, I’m surprised how she made them work for her – she managed to blend everything nicely without the paper turning all black or something.

After she was done with her painting, we let it dry. Meanwhile we discussed how she’d use the stickers and if she wanted to add any other details. When the painting had dried (we sped it up with the hairdryer), she stuck on the stickers and because she’d mentioned she wanted to include a treasure chest (there’s one in our Ocean toob when we played with our Ocean themed sensory bin), I googled a picture of it and got her to practise drawing on another sheet of paper first before she added it in her painting using oil pastels.

Practising how to draw a treasure chest then drawing and layering it on the painting using oil pastels.

Again, she was very quick in replicating what she observed and just after drawing the treasure chest twice, she drew it in her painting, chose three shades of brown she wanted to use and blended everything nicely in. I pointed out that there were some details (like lines) on the treasure chest and she added that in. Finally she added in some jewel stickers and the icing on the cake was the gold glitter glue for the gold coins and silver glitter glue for sea currents.

And that’s my happy little girl with her completed work! I’m so glad that she’s matured so much to complete a painting all on her own!


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