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It has been unbelievably scorching hot and we were really thrilled to have gone for a gelato-tasting session at Latte e Miele. Nothing beats gelato on a hot day!

What we didn’t know was that we were totally in for a treat!

I’ve had many gelatos in my life – and Latte e Miele’s is definitely one of the best (if not the best!) I’ve tasted!

It tastes so rich and creamy (but boasts of 70% less fat), so satisfying that it brought a smile to my face the instant I tasted it. Needless to say, it was heaven for the kids that day.

Before we even tasted any gelatos, the kids were immediately drawn to the indoor play area. While they busied themselves over there, we checked out the flavours of the gelatos and the rest of the menu. It wasn’t long of course before the kids discovered that they were definitely missing out on something and they ditched the playground (who wouldn’t?) for tasting spoons of various flavours.

Finally took a clear shot of the play area while the kids were busy eating their ice-cream!

Their unanimous favourite flavour was strawberry which tastes so pure and simply refreshing.

All the gelato is freshly made every day with the freshest and natural ingredients. It’s little wonder that the strawberry fragrance and flavour are so prominent in every spoon and it is indeed one of the most popular choices with kids (and adults) there. Bandung is another hit with the children and my kids had many spoons of that too before they decided on a cup of strawberry gelato each.

I tasted all the flavours except for Butterscotch almond and Pistachio (I have a tree nut allergy, but my hubby recommends pistachio) and they were all yummy. Some definitely yummier than others. There were also unique flavours like Mandarin Orange (for Chinese New Year), Lavender, Masala Wine, and Bandung! They previously had another flavour for CNY – Pineapple Cinnamon – but it has been sold out. I really like the fact that they have special flavours to go with various festivals – they had a Chai flavour gelato for Deepavali. Such creativity! And it certainly adds to the mood of the festivities.

Apart from gelato, Latte e Miele serves waffles which they have paired not only with ice-cream but with chicken, tuna and bacon which have received rave reviews. We had a waffle with ice-cream (in the end I chose 3 flavours instead of 1 huge scoop of 1 flavour because it was so difficult to choose just 1 – you will understand that dichotomy when you have tasted the flavours) and we had a glass of Chai and Irish cream coffee to go with it.

latte e miele review

I finally chose Chocolate (made with dark chocolate), Mandarin Orange and Yogurt and Honey.

It was such a fabulous evening spent there just chilling out with my hubby, tucking into delightful dessert and watching the kids enjoy the gelato and getting their dose of playground fun – all at the same place!

If you fancy some cakes, Latte e Miele serves up a delectable range as well:

Here’s a snapshot of their promotions (we especially loved the waffle + drink offer and we’ll certainly be back for more!):

Besides just serving up gelato, waffles and cakes, Latte e Miele has a special Gelato Enrichment class. Since there are many schools located in the area, the schools can send their students over and let them experience a special day at Latte e Miele where the kids will learn about gelato and help to make it too!

Parents looking for a party venue can also consider Latte e Miele as the Children Party Package includes free flow of menu items and a 1kg birthday cake, and balloon decorations can be added! Magic shows and face paintings are amongst some of the other activities that Latte e Miele offers for this package.

The view of the cafe from the play area

In a nutshell, Latte E Miele is definitely worth checking out!

Latte E Miele 
200 Turf Club Road
Singapore 287994
Tel: +65 64689282

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