Valentine’s Day 2014

I walked out of the room, got the chores done for the morning done, spoke to my mum on the phone while I leisurely sat down on the swing and then I noticed it on the table.

Our DIY mailbox was sitting prominently on the table.

That could only mean that I’VE GOT MAIL!

Yeah, that sounds so cheesy, like a line taken out from, I dunno, the 90s, maybe? But even though I had sort of thought I’d get some handwritten love note because it’s Valentine’s Day, I swiped it out of my mind because I didn’t like to have my hopes up high. After all, my hubby is not the romantic sort – though I know he’s tried his very best to be, at least while we were still dating.

Then I thought about all my girly dreams of finding someone romantic. Someone who would sweep me off my feet with romantic dinners – either home-cooked or out having dim candlelight dinners, chatting over a bottle of wine.

While that could be happening for someone, I know that that wasn’t suitable for me at all. My hubby isn’t romantic, he can’t cook and now with our kids, having candlelight dinner could mean perhaps literally turning off our lights in our house and lighting the candles. Now that would be difficult because the kids would certainly burst into a birthday song and blow out the candles and we’d be in darkness. That wouldn’t work very well. Besides, with age, I very much prefer to be able to see what I’m eating. And wine? Still breastfeeding my boy so a bottle of wine would really be too much. Had a sip lately during our Oasia hotel staycation and really couldn’t recall what the appeal of wine was.

And then I remembered, as I am writing this post. It was the silly games we used to play and the laughter and joy we shared. It was one of our moments. It was never really about the wine.

We are not romantic by any measure. I don’t allow him to buy fresh flowers for me ever since we got married because I don’t like being fleeced for something that dies in a couple days. (No offence to those who love your flowers and get them.) He isn’t the kind that would pop up at the door with a surprise gift either.

But I know he loves me because every day he shows me in his own quiet manner of helping to wash up those random pieces of laundry in the toilet, minding the kids when I need some down-time, when I feel like having an after-dinner Toastbox teh he’d get out of the house to buy it even though he’s tired from work, filling in whatever I haven’t had time to do or forgot to do…

Married life certainly isn’t what I imagined it to be when I was 10.

No flowers, no extravagant gifts, with kids prancing around me. That couldn’t have been something I imagined or wanted.

But I wouldn’t trade places with anyone. This is the life I’m happy with.

Valentine’s Day is just another day. Just another day where we show our love to one another. Be lovey dovey but remember to celebrate the other 364 days too!

Happy Valentine’s day!

 photo DSC_0036_zps68215c0f.jpeg

The dinner I cooked last V-day

P.S. No special homecooked V-day dinner today as we’ll be heading to my mum’s. Speaking of which, my mum should be here soon while I go to the doctor to get some med for my throat!

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2 Responses to Valentine’s Day 2014

  1. Kless says:

    So sweet of your hubby. 🙂 Most of us profess that our husbands are not the romantic kind, but they are sweet and romantic in their own quiet ways too. Happy Valentine’s, and thanks for linking up!

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