The Line Buffet Review

On the first day of the year, we celebrated my aunt’s 60th birthday at The Line, Shangri-la. I’ve heard so much about The Line’s buffet so I was really excited to try out the food.

Someone asked me last time when I published the review of Rise restaurant‘s buffet, which is better – Rise or The Line?

Honestly, I still can’t decide. They both have their own strengths!

Anyway, so here’s a snippet of what you can expect at The Line’s buffet.

There’s the Japanese section that I visit first at every buffet! Here you can get as many slices of sashimi at a time (some buffet lines like The Straits Cafe have sashimi already distributed on plates so you just ask for x number of plates). The sashimi is very fresh and because the rate that it gets wiped out, you can be sure that the sashimi is freshly cut and it’s replenished very quickly.

the line buffet review

There’s also miso soup and a variety of sushi:

As for seafood, there’re clams, oysters, scallops, prawns and crabs. As I have allergies to some seafood, I steered clear of most of the seafood except for prawns and crabs, which I’m sure I won’t develop any allergic reaction to.

For salad and cold cuts, I noted that they served Thai vermicelli salad as well as Thai papaya salad alongside other more common varieties. However I felt that the taste of the two types of Thai salad didn’t impress much.

Interestingly, there’s a dedicated counter cooking pasta on request. However, at any one time, there is only one type of pasta available, so depending when you approach the counter, you might get only penne or spaghetti, for instance. Well, at least that’s what happened when I went there twice. Yup, so it was one plate of penne and one plate of spaghetti for my kids since I got the pasta almost an hour apart of each plate.

Besides pasta, other Italian food served include baked polenta and four cheese pizza.

The beef stroganoff oyster nagar and roasted baby potatoes looked really good but by then I was already quite full and the fact that I saw there were two shelves of dessert to conquer (that’s apart from the crepe/ ice-cream counter), I had to give up trying out some food. You’d understand, right?

And this is for roasted pork belly fans! Happy carving! 😀

Besides roasted pork belly, there’s kebab and tempura:

There’s a variety of Chinese food too – deep fried ngoh hiang, braised chicken, mixed vegetables, sweet and sour pork and fried rice. Oh, you can also get individual servings of soup already in small soup bowls.

Next to the soup, there’s dim sum. We took a couple of siew mais, and soon kuehs but didn’t bother trying out the rest as there was so much more food to explore!

There’s a satay corner but unfortunately for the entire evening I was there, I could never get a shot of satay at the counter because the satay was soooo good that there were people crowding around waiting and the moment the satay is placed onto the counter, they instantly disappeared. ‘Nuff said. I really loved the chicken satay (there’s beef and mutton available as well)! Even my little boy had a few sticks of the chicken satay! Anyway, that might explain why I didn’t take any photos of the satay on our table too.

You can also order a variety of noodles from the noodle counter – prawn noodles, chicken noodle soup, laksa and if you have a fishball king/queen like me, you’d be glad to know that fishball noodle soup is available. 😀

Next to the noodles counter, you can get roast duck, char siew, steamed chicken and kueh pie tee (yummy!).

There’s also an entire section of Indian food and the curries are very popular.

And now on to my highlight of buffets – dessert!

This picture shows but only one shelf of dessert:

Some of the dessert include raspberry champagne (refreshing!), chocolate tart (yumz), durian cake, strawberry cheesecake, chocolate devil fudge (very chocolatey nice!), vanilla beam creme brulee (fabulous!), coconut sago mala, strawberry yuzu roulade (super fragrant and delectable), chocolate profiteroles and a selection of Malay kueh. There were also some other cakes that weren’t labelled and I didn’t dare to take those in case they contained nuts (I have a tree nut allergy and had a bad experience taking unlabelled dessert from Ritz Carlton’s Greenhouse buffet). Besides the dessert shelves, there’s a crepe and ice-cream station but I was too stuffed by then. The fruit table also has a wide variety of fruit but I hardly will head for fruit at a buffet.

If you’re like me and enjoy a nice cup of coffee/tea after a meal, you’ll really love this drinks station. Besides angmoh kopi (i.e. espresso, cappuccino etc.), I really like that they serve the local variety of teh and kopi and there’s also a wide variety of flavoured teas (I really really love the rose with French vanilla – so refreshingly good with a wonderful aroma). The tea brought me memories of enjoying the wide selection of tea at The Rose Verandah’s (second floor of Shangri-la) high tea during a close friend’s solemnization reception years back.

If you’re a foodie in search of good buffets for a special occasion, I strongly recommend The Line. You will not be disappointed. 🙂 Plus you can book a table online – try to book early (my aunt booked about a month in advance).

Location: Shangri-la Hotel, Lower Lobby, Tower Wing

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