Top 5 Highlights of December

December’s always a highlight for our little family as I’d say we spend the MOST quality time together then and it’s usually packed with activities! Here are the top 5 highlights of our December holidays – a little late since it’s mid-January, but I needed time to put everything together!:

1) Speech and Drama programme at Little Harvard International Preschool

My girl attended her very first speech and drama workshop in the first week of the holidays. The kind folks at Little Harvard extended a complimentary 4-day workshop to us which was conducted by famous drama teacher, Daniel Jenkins. While my little one was enthusiastic throughout the workshop, she refused to take part in the final performance on the last day because she was ‘afraid the adults would laugh at’ her. Nevertheless, she undeniably had great fun in the process, and I’d like to focus on the process rather than the eventual outcome.

Artwork done during the workshop

Little Harvard International Preschool
6 Jalan Gelenggang
Singapore, Singapore 578189
Phone: 64590079


2) Equarius hotel staycation

Our staycation at Equarius hotel at RWS was a major highlight because not only did we get to stay in our favourite hotel, the kids totally enjoyed the atmosphere of Christmas at Universal Studios Singapore and this time round we also managed to explore Adventure Cove a little more compared to our last visit there.

3) Getaway at Bintan Lagoon Resort

We don’t go very far for our holidays, as you have already realised by now. This is our first trip overseas on our own (without my mum and aunt). I’d stayed at Bintan Lagoon Resort more than 10 years ago and I’m glad to say that it’s actually improved overall! We totally enjoyed the stay but the kids are a little terrified of the ferry ride now because of the extremely rough trip back. More on our Bintan adventure in another post. 🙂

4) Oasia hotel staycation

Our last holiday in December was a super short stay at Oasia hotel in the very last week of December. While it was only a 2D1N stay, it was enjoyable and it’s nice to reminisce how much our little boy has grown since Oasia hotel was where he had his maiden dip in a swimming pool.

5) Christmas and ‘Countdown’ to the New Year with family and close friends

Christmas isn’t complete without gathering with my family for a meal and exchange of gifts. This year, not only did we get to have our usual dose of family time during Christmas, we had an unexpected last minute gathering with my close friends too! And the miracle is that we managed to meet up within a week again for the ‘countdown’ to the new year. Truly, there is nothing better than ending the year in the company of family and good friends!



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