Straits Cafe buffet review

I really shouldn’t be doing this at 1am at night. Writing a review of a delicious dinner buffet while my tummy is starting to rumble is a bad idea.

So yup, my overall verdict of the Straits Cafe buffet is that it’s good and definitely worth the money, especially since when we went for the buffet there was a promotion and we ended up paying $50 each (inclusive of taxes). Actually we weren’t aware of any credit card promotions when we decided to eat there. We had been walking around the area looking for something to eat and it was a wet and rainy night so in the end we hastily took the last table for two.

No regrets. 🙂

While my hubby headed for something hot to warm his tummy first, I headed for sashimi first. Here at Straits Cafe, you have to ask for the salmon sashimi over at the Japanese food counter and you’ll be handed a plate of salmon sashimi like this (you take the wasabi on your own though):

They don’t limit the number of plates you can get for salmon sashimi but for the oysters, you can only get 4 each time you visit the counter. You’d have to re-join the queue (if any) to get more if you wish.

Hubby’s verdict – very FRESH!

We shared a bowl of laksa and it was yummy – very lemak.

My hubby knows I love prata so he got some for me. The chicken curry was very tasty and the chicken was very tender, even though the pieces of meat my hubby happened to get were breast meat. If I were to find any fault, I’d say it was a tad salty. But good curry and prata on a cold evening is definitely a good combination.

Ok, I have no idea why I didn’t photograph the watercress soup I loved and instead I took this shot of the mushroom soup. Now in the first place I didn’t know I’d be at a buffet that night so I didn’t bring out my cam, which explains why the photos are taken with my iPhone, again. But anyway, the watercress soup was VERY good. Skip the mushroom soup. It wasn’t very nice – bland and a little watered down, not mushroom-y enough for me.

The grilled food was quite good, so grab some of these:

Salad and crab:

I strongly recommend the snow crab (the one with legs sticking into the ice) – super succulent and sweet. The spanner crabs are a little irritating to eat – it’s near impossible trying to eat the crab meat without having to eat some shell in the process.

Some other seafood. The prawns were very sweet so you must get some.

These weren’t part of the buffet spread but I thought it was cute to have some decorations to get in the mood of Christmas (we visited Straits Cafe in Dec):

For dessert, there are fruits and a chocolate fountain.

I remember I quite liked this dessert even though I can’t recall the name now:

There’s also pulot hitam which was ok:

Oh but the durian desserts! The cake, the puffs and the pengat! The pengat was heavenly! Remember to take more cups of those! The cake was pretty good too!

straits cafe buffet review

There’s also dim sum and a spread of Chinese dishes. The dim sum wasn’t very nice; I didn’t have space for any of the Chinese dishes. I usually skip the Chinese dishes unless the kids are with us – then there’s a chance that I might get some of those for them.

Overall, we enjoyed the food at the Straits Cafe buffet, it does offer a reasonably good spread for the price and we would return if we are in a less calorie-conscious state! 🙂

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