Starbot Cafe breakfast review

The Equarius Hotel staycation package we purchased from RWS’s website included breakfast at Starbot Cafe in Universal Studios Singapore and breakfast on the other day at Forest, the restaurant helmed by Chef Leong at Equarius Hotel. This was our second time there and well, in the span of 3 months, virtually nothing has changed in the breakfast spread (not that we expect that they would). Anyway, the main perk of dining at USS for breakfast is that you get to enter USS before USS officially opens at 10am. So if you finish breakfast say about 9.30am, you can walk around and get to the hottest rides (i.e. The Transformers ride) and be the first in the queue. Totally helps that Starbot cafe is right next to the Transformers ride.

Other than that, there really isn’t much that I’d recommend strongly for Starbot cafe’s breakfast. It’s a quirky place that’s designed like a spaceship in Battlestar Galactica with futuristic themes and neon lighting. Basically, it has blue-ish lights everywhere.

starbot cafe breakfast review

There’s a relatively wide selection (in terms of flavour) of yogurt and the fruit station includes, apart from the usual watermelon and honeydew, canned fruits like peach and lychee and even preserved plum.

Salad and cold cuts section:

There are over 10 hot dishes to choose from:

Nothing really outstanding like I said. The poached salmon’s too fishy though.

The bread station could really be better. Choose between square white bread or whole wheat bread. Erm, ok.

There’s also a small selection of pastry but after tasting a couple of them, they didn’t make me feel that the calories were worth it.

They also have a small dim sum section which you can easily miss because it’s tucked between two other stations and there isn’t much variety anyway. The buns are not fluffy enough and there’s too little filling.

There’s a omelette station though so at least you can order something cooked to your fancy here.

There’s pretty nice decor at the drinks/ cereal station:

Overall, the food served is decent and with the incentive of entering USS early, this place can get quite packed, so don’t be too late! 😀

Breakfast at Starbot Cafe is served from 8am – 10.30am.

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[Note: Even though we love staycations and have stayed at many hotels in Singapore, I’ve only begun to document our stays of late so this is a growing list. You can read about our stay at Oasia Hotel and Festive Hotel @ RWS.]


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