Our Christmas themed Busy Bags

christmas themed busy bags

Technically, I didn’t use bags. You could store everything in a ziploc bag of course, but since I liked how the little boxes made it easier for the kids to pick out their items, box it was.

To make these Christmas themed busy bags (I prepared one for each), I cut out a sheet of blue felt for the backing (I cut to the size of the box), a green piece of felt for the tree, a small piece of white felt for the snow and brown felt for the trunk.

Embellishments that I provided in each box : pompoms, felt shapes, different shaped sequins (including snowflaked ones), gem stickers (need not remove the backing), colourful cute buttons and sparkly pipe cleaners.

It was a hit with my girl who could sit there and create different looks for the Christmas tree with the various items I had provided her with.

My little boy also managed to create a few decorated trees but after awhile, he was more interested in pouring everything out from the box. Not surprising at all! 😀

This activity was part of our Advent Activities 2013.


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