The Mom Revelation

More than a year ago, I shared on my blog this photo of my huge belly.

just minutes prior to being wheeled into the operation theatre to deliver my little boy

It took me loads of courage to do that – In fact I took one whole year before I posted the photo online. I guess some part of me didn’t want to remember how I looked back then when I had so much weight piled on me.

You see, I’m secretly jealous of pregnant women who miraculously never put on weight anywhere else on their bodies except for the bellies. Ok, not a secret now that I have told you. In fact, I resented how I looked throughout pregnancy and even postpartum and shunned the camera at every opportunity. After the second trimester of my second pregnancy, you basically cannot find any photographic evidence of my existence.

2 months postpartum and I looked like … I had a third baby on the way. If I looked anything like this super fit mom, I wouldn’t have had a low esteem issue and I guess I might take such a shot too. Oh who am I kidding? I totally would!

This beautiful mama is looking this wonderful 4 days after giving birth!

I continued to stay out of the photos my hubby took, refusing to join the kids when they were photographed, and even when my little girl asked me, I turned her down … till one day, I read how important it is that The Mom Stays in the Picture.

Then it hit me. Hard. I realised that although I didn’t think much of my appearance, and I have tons of photos of my kids, I wouldn’t want them to have no photos of mama with them. I’m 24/7 in their lives, yet how is it that I don’t feel good enough to want them to see me in photos?

That was when I decided. I want them to remember how happy mama looked when we went on that outing, that holiday, or just after that silly game we played together. Yes, I would want them to remember me that way, and simply recall the amazing time we had together. Photos are taken for us to remember our joyous moments together. Why focus on the fact that mummy is still sporting a mama’s body X months postpartum? (What’s wrong with sporting a mama’s figure anyway? Away with those photoshopped, unreal bodies in the media!) Besides, as mums, we’ll always be beautiful in our children’s eyes; having gone through pregnancy and childbirth, we are definitely more beautiful than we think we are, cellulite, stretch marks and all!

Recently I watched one of the most meaningful and thought provoking advertisements. Dove created the video Camera Shy to ask women why they hide from the camera as an adult but loved the camera as a little girl. What happened along the way? When did we become our worst beauty critics? It really got me thinking as I watched how all the adults in the video behaved the way that I did, playing peekaboo with the photographer, while all the kids gamely struck a pose, entirely confident of themselves.

10 special ladies were invited to participate in Dove’s Camera Confidence Workshop, aimed at empowering women to look and feel more confident in front of the camera. Read more about the stories of these 10 women at and draw inspiration from how they have become more camera confident. Besides identifying ourselves in some of their stories (self-conscious about our appearances, self-esteem woes that plagued us since teenage years. etc), we can certainly pick up tips along the way!

After reading the stories, you can also ask the experts any questions you may have regarding camera shyness on the site as well. How cool is that?! The experts are:

  1. Celestine Chua, a personal development blogger and Life Coach, who will share how everyone can overcome camera shyness and be more confident in front of the camera
  2. Suasti Lye, portrait and lifestyle photographer, who will help you discover your best angle and feel more comfortable in front of the camera.

So what say you? Shall we start the year with the resolution to be more confident about ourselves? Hop over now to to be inspired.

Oh and in case you’re wondering why there hasn’t been a photo of me in this post since I’ve been talking about my presence in photos? Here you go! 😀

Sporting a mum-and-daughter top during one of our latest holidays

Disclosure: This is an advertorial. All opinions expressed are mine.


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