Invitation to explore – Christmas baubles to fill

This invitation to explore was part of my Advent activities 2013. Even though Christmas is over, I thought I’d just share this activity as it’s great for training fine motor skills for the little ones and there’s also the element of creativity as the kids can decide how to fill up each bauble.

You can also talk about sizes, colours and the reason for the choice of colours (e.g. white because Christmas happens in winter in some countries – from there you can branch off to exploring seasons and even finding out which countries experience winter in December).

Simply provide pompoms, tongs and Christmas baubles to fill!

christmas baubles to fill

The setup

Glittery pompoms in Christmas colours for the activity:

Here’s my girl’s first creation. She decided on having 3 layers of large pompoms for the Christmas tree-shaped bauble, a colour for each layer.

My little boy tonging the smaller pompom from the tray to the bauble:

The final outcome from the first session!:

This activity can be repeated as many times as needed. Eventually, I didn’t hang up the baubles at all as they preferred to have the pompoms and baubles around as activity fillers rather than having end products.


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