Forest 森 review (breakfast)

I’ve been a fan of Chef Sam Leong for quite a few years now, and I was really excited to have breakfast at the restaurant helmed by him when I went for our Equarius hotel staycation. The first time we went there, we got a corner table very near the entrance/exit and my hubby did most of the walking along the buffet line so it was only upon our second visit that I managed to take some photos and mental notes for this Forest 森 review.

This time round, we got a seat right next to the glass panels overlooking the lawn. Pretty great view:

Forest 森 review

While hubby was busy making the first round along the buffet line, I noticed the awesome ceiling which I totally missed out on the last time as we were tucked away at a corner back then:

Forest 森 review

Decor aside, here’s a glimpse of the buffet spread:

I couldn’t take proper photos of the buffet line because as you know the lighting at buffets is terribly orangey and honestly no food can possibly look good like that, so I took what I could.

a pretty good selection of spreads

The tim sum line – Chef Leong hails from Hong Kong, plus there have been good reviews about their tim sum so I made it a point to try everything in this section.

Cold cuts, salad and freshly prepared yogurt:


And I thought it’d be better if I showed you the food this way since the lighting is much better and I can show you the food which were covered up to retain freshness.

The char siew bun is awesome!! The skin is super soft and fluffy and slightly sweet. Mmmm. Normally buns served at breakfast buffets are sadly bad, with hard and thick skin and minimal filling but these char siew buns are definitely the best ones I’ve eaten at a breakfast buffet. See that sesame ball in the centre of the plate? Get MANY of those as they run out FAST. Really. I had to make a few trips before I could get my second helping of these balls. Super tasty, especially when it’s piping hot. The texture is chewy within and with a crispy sesame-coated crust and red bean filling, this is definitely a must-try. The siew mais are delicious too (as you can see in the pic below, we got more of it!). The porridge is also a notch nicer than other breakfast buffets. The soon kuehs are so-so (the ones at The Line are much better).

The rest of the spread is normal breakfast buffet stuff and the taste isn’t particularly outstanding for those dishes. I’m pretty sure their lunch and dinner spread would be more spectacular. 🙂


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