Chinese New Year decorations and activities

Without fail, every year when Chinese New Year is approaching, I’d fall ill. I’m not sure why, but that definitely doesn’t put me in much of a mood to celebrate the festival. This year I’ve put together a simple ang pow (red packet) fish garland using a total of 8 red packets and a Chinese New Year-themed tinsel:

Last year, I made a super last minute Chinese New Year contact paper craft printable (oh and can you believe that it’s still pasted outside my house?). (You can click on either the link above or the picture below to get to the post for the free printable):

chinese new year activities Ok, so this year, I’ve been suffering from a prolonged flu and hopefully I’ll get better in the next few days or CNY would really be a dread. Anyway, this year instead of reinventing the wheel, I decided that I’d share one of my favourite go-tos for ready activities for kids.

After scouring the web, here’s my favourite link for Chinese New Year activities for kids:

– A long list of Chinese New Year free printables from Activity Village. Over there, you can explore some of the symbolism and traditions of the holiday and celebrations, CNY colouring pages, Chinese Zodiac animal printables (and games), CNY dot-to-dot activities, puzzles and worksheets. That got you excited, huh? 🙂

[For those who may not be Chinese and would like to know more about the Chinese zodiac, read more here.]

Watch this video to figure out how to make the red packet fish featured in my red packet fish garland:

or if you’re interested in making a lantern: Star-shaped lantern using red packets

And if you have loads of red packets and are looking for a challenge, here’s a video to inspire you to make a pretty decorative flower ball!:

Have fun!

And there’s a giveaway too if you’re interested in getting something new for your kid (and yourself) – just click on the banner below! 🙂

Happy Chinese New Year!


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