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It was only during our second visit to Adventure Cove that we managed to check out the place more thoroughly because on our first visit, my little one hated being in the water and we only went one round along the lazy river (Adventure River) and that was it. 🙁

Anyway, both times we entered via the gate separating Equarius Hotel and Adventure Cove so the first stop’s Rainbow Reef where I snorkeled (while the kids waited with hubby). The water’s freezing cold and you’re not allowed to kick so as not to startle the fishes. It’s very deep but there are lifeguards aplenty at the Rainbow Reef so any time you have issues, the lifeguards will be there to help.

Thrill rides:

This is what the Dueling Racer is about:

This is the Riptide Rocket (pic below) and it was my hubby’s favourite ride! I failed to capture any shots of him emerging 🙁

The Riptide Rocket is Southeast Asia’s first hydro-magnetic coaster. Like an intense rollercoaster on water, it combines all the powerful climbs, plunging drops, terrifying twists and tight turns.

During our second visit, hubby had a go at least once on all the thrill rides while I checked out what young kiddos could do (besides floating around).

Besides the lazy river, the Seahorse Hideaway is great for very young kids. It’s like a baby pool area with seahorses spurting water.

Another station kids might enjoy – Big bucket treehouse. This is more suitable for more adventurous young kids. My timid ones didn’t really enjoy this.


I like that the lazy river actually goes round the whole place and has interesting sights, for instance this ‘cave’:

Along the lazy river, you can also stop at one of these sandy areas. The sand’s soft and fine. How do I know? The first time we went to Adventure Cove, I had to stop here with my boy who was crying and we waited for my hubby and my girl to finish a whole round.

There’s a Ray Bay and if you can wade and interact with stingrays – if you meet the height restriction and it comes at an extra cost of $38. Otherwise, you can still watch the stingrays when you are moving along the lazy river (there are glass panels to view the rays).

And of course there’s the wave pool:

The wave’s pretty strong and my kids would only venture in when the wave is over. 😀

See how happy he is? He’s just comfortable sitting in the water like this…

I found this Blow Dry booth very interesting:

$5 to blow dry yourself!

Dining at Adventure Cove:

You can get food at The Bay restaurant:

or get some snacks here:

Adventure cove singapore

We didn’t eat or snack there as we headed back to Equarius Hotel right after we were done.

I’m sure most other people would enjoy their trip to Adventure Cove a lot more than our family. Till my kids are more adventurous, I doubt we’ll be able to get any decent fun together there!

For ticketing details, click here.


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