Philips Avance Airfryer – the healthier way to cook

With Christmas fast approaching, I’m sure you would have Christmas parties and year-end parties already lined up in your schedule. And parties and gatherings definitely mean food, food and more food. I used to fret quite a bit about the weight I’d pile on from the feasting but this year, armed with my Philips Avance Airfryer, I know that if I’m preparing the food, there’s nothing to worry about because I know I can cook party food – traditionally cooked or deep-fried with cup loads of oil – with little or no oil.

Philips Avance Airfryer

Fancy a perfectly roasted chicken in less than 30 minutes? Yes, with the Philips Avance Airfryer, you can!

At simple gatherings with close friends or relatives during this festive season, I’d think finger food, some snacks and maybe even a roast chicken for a dinner event are pretty ideal. With the Airfryer’s unique Rapid Air technology, I can easily fry, bake, roast, and grill the tastiest snacks and meals with up to 80% less fat than a conventional fryer! And here are just some simple finger food I like to cook and it’s a breeze cooking with my beloved Airfryer.

Wanton ingots – great for parties and even more appropriate with Chinese New Year arriving soon.

Yummy finger food – grilled white button mushrooms with ham and cheese

We read a book the other day and my daughter asked me what S’mores are. So I just had to make some… with my trusty Airfryer. And special for little fingers – mini S’mores! Makes for a fun dessert at a party.

If you’re wondering how the Airfryer works, here’s what I think – it must be purely magic. But of course, besides magic, I’m sure its unique combination of fast, precisely circulating super-heated air, starfish design and optimal heating profile help to bring about the delectable food cooked with little or no oil. With Rapid Air technology, there is definitely less smell and vapours than traditional frying, making it easy to clean and there’s no need to worry about oily floors or smelly curtains in the hall. And most importantly, no more burns from oil splatters.

Perfectly golden brown and crispy chicken wings cooked without stinking up the kitchen. Say goodbye to oily floors and smelly hair. 😀

[UPDATED: Recipe available here] Stuffed ‘you tiao’ – crispy ‘you tiao’ and juicy filling. I swear cooking this dish has been in my dreams all these years and only with my Airfryer have I dared to cook this! This is one of my favourite finger foods which my mum prepares during gatherings when she has a little more time to spare – now I can make my own! *over the moon*

The best part about cooking with the Airfryer in my opinion is that I don’t need to stand at the hot stove constantly to ensure that the food doesn’t burn as I can control the time and temperature of the cooking with the digital touch screen. Any time I need to check on the food, I just need to pull out the drawer of the Airfryer and peek at the food without having to stop the Airfryer at all.

There’s also a smart pre-set button, programmable for the most commonly used setting so that means I don’t have to try to remember all the details of my recipes (I know, it’s a wonderful feature for failing memories like mine).

Running at 2100W, the Philips Avance Airfryer can cook 30% faster without compromising on the taste of the food. In fact, the chicken I roasted with the Airfryer tasted more tender and succulent than oven-roasted ones and I definitely needed less time roasting it in the Airfryer. That’s great because that means dinner on a daily basis can be ready faster and if you’re cooking for a party, I’m sure you’d appreciate it as no one likes to keep guests waiting.

The Philips Avance XL Airfryer also has a 1.2 kg capacity to feed up to 5 people! That’s an additional 50% extra capacity which larger families would definitely appreciate. And it’s definitely a bonus when preparing food for a party!

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*Limited to 1 Airfryer per person (IC must be produced).


Address: 620A Lorong 1 Toa Payoh Building TP4 Level 1 S(319762)

Tel: 6882 5800

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday: 9.00 am – 7.00 pm Saturday: 9.00 am – 1.00 pm. Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

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2 Responses to Philips Avance Airfryer – the healthier way to cook

  1. Patricia says:

    Hey there. The food you posted using the Airfryer looks great! Can I know where you get the recipe from? Like the wonton ingots and stuffed you tiao etc. Thanks! 🙂

    • simplymommie says:

      Hi Patricia,
      Sorry for the late response.
      I got my recipes mainly through the Airfryer group on FB where many people share their recipes generously. Otherwise, I go with trial n error n so far I find that 180degC for 8-10min is a gd bet for most foods in the airfryer 🙂

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