Have yourself a merry Christmas with Délifrance

We were invited to Délifrance last Saturday to try out their Christmas menu and my taste buds were truly pampered that rainy afternoon as I savoured the food. I especially loved the sweet treats, and so I shall start with that.

Some of you might have seen the Enchanted Macaron Tower on my Instagram. If you’re wondering if the macarons taste as wonderful as the tower looks, my answer is YES. And my personal favourite would have to be the mixed berries macarons.

Indulge in chocolate, praline, mixed berries and Valrhona Ivoire-filled cassis macarons ($88 (S) $128 (L))

I tried a total of three different logcakes that afternoon and hands-down, my favourite would have to be the Joy of Délifrance.

$59.90, approx. 1kg

Not only does its cheery appearance enthrall, the taste truly delivers. With its pillowy chocolate sponge, layered with Valrhona Fine French Chocolate, the Joy of Délifrance is not overwhelming and you can probably very well go for a second (or third) helping. Truly a joy to eat. 😀

My second favourite is Silent Night.

$59.90, approx. 1kg

Though it’s also made with layers of chocolate sponge and Valrhona Fine French Chocolate, this log cake is finished with a smooth ganache. I’d say that this cake is a little thicker in texture, tastes creamier and overall, more intense in flavour compared to the Joy of Délifrance. I was very captivated by the first bite (more so compared to my first taste of Joy of Délifrance), but because its flavour is more intense, I also tired more quickly of it.

The Yuletide Log looks appealing and this Belgian chocolate logcake has a core of dark chocolate mousse decked in chocolate shavings.

$29.90 (approx. 500g), available in large ($43.90, approx. 1kg)

Taste-wise, I’m not inclined to chocolate mousse and I find that it pales in comparison to the Joy of Délifrance and Silent Night.

The Merry cupcakes that we brought home were wiped out by my hubby. He says they were delicious. My daughter tried to eat the cute toppings but failed of course since they were really sweet and I don’t think they were actually meant to be eaten. Cute definitely, nevertheless.

One of the designs available. Merry Cupcakes are priced at $4.90 each.

We also tried the Traditional Roast turkey, Roast NZ Leg of Lamb, Honey Glazed Chicken Ham and Roast NZ Striploin of Beef.

I’m no fan of lamb and I stopped at the first bite. But that shouldn’t get you put off because though I dislike lamb, I found the texture of the the Roast Leg of Lamb to be really good. Marinated with herbs and served with rosemary sauce, this juicy cut will please lamb-lovers.

$88 (2.0-2.2kg)

I liked the tender beef which wasn’t overcooked and I really recommend eating it with the delectable pepper sauce (which could be a little spicier).

$64.90, approx. 1.5kg

The Roast Turkey is stuffed with chestnut and served with cranberry sauce and chicken gravy. I preferred the chicken gravy to the cranberry sauce and though my girl is fond of cranberry sauce, she didn’t eat more than a couple of mouthfuls of it that day. But the chicken gravy was flavourful and goes very well with the tender turkey meat.

$88 (4.4kg – 5.3kg)

My favourite (and my boy’s) savoury food that day would have to be the honey glazed ham. Accompanied by tangy pineapple sauce, this savoury and (very juicy!) ham was the highlight of the savoury food we tasted that afternoon. Even without the sauce, it’s really good.

$49,90, approx. 1.5kg

Besides the savouries and sweets, Délifrance has come up with two special Christmas drinks. Wildberry Iced Coffee (iced latte with a twist of wildberry) and Speculoos Iced Coffee (iced latte flavoured with a hint of Speculoos) are available only till 31/12/13 and cost $5.80 each.

I prefer the Wildberry iced coffee as it’s more refreshing than the Speculoos though upon the first sip, one might be more inclined towards the Speculoos, as I was. After taking a few more sips, I found Wildberry to be more satisfying, perhaps because I had just consumed quite a lot of rich tasting foods that afternoon.

Besides these savouries and sweets, Festive Bundle Deals are available so check these out at Délifrance outlets! The last day of order is 20/12/13, 3pm and the last day of collection is 31/12/13.

Disclosure: We were invited for tea at Délifrance but we were not compensated for this review. All opinions are mine.


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