Advent Day #1 – Decorating the Christmas tree

Like last year’s first day of advent, we decorated our tiny Christmas tree.

This year, I laid out the decorations in a tray for the kids to explore first.

Unlike last year, my boy wasn’t as interested in decorating the tree. Sure enough he played with the decorations for awhile, but he didn’t want a part in hanging anything on the tree.

My girl was as usual, very enthusiastic about checking out the decorations and putting up the baubles.

Little boy decided that he needed his toy truck in the decoration process.

Eventually, I rearranged all the baubles into the two trucks to entice him back to join the activity.

But it was a failed attempt as he decided he’d zoom off with the truckload of baubles instead. Well, eventually, the tree was done up by my girl! Pretty neat, huh? 😀

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