SPUR shoes review

Women have an inexplicable love for shoes – we just never seem to have enough of it. I’m not sure about others, but I’m definitely not one who’d compromise comfort for design. If the design is awesome but I can’t bear to take 10 steps in that pair of shoes, I’m sorry, that pair of shoes ain’t going back with me. I wouldn’t suffer blisters, cuts, deformed toes etc. just to sport a pretty look (besides, if I can’t walk in them, I’d probably be unable to get out of the house to show them off!).

When SPUR Singapore approached me to check out their newly launched Constellation Collection last Thursday, which features a design each for the 12 zodiac signs, I decided I had to check out not just the new collection but what SPUR has to offer. You see, SPUR is well-known for stylish and extremely comfortable shoes and is the K-pop celeb-endorsed shoe label (worn by popular bands like Girl’s Generation, Wonder Girls and KARA). Standing firm behind their philosophy that’s represented by the acronym “HK7C” which represents “hand-crafted”, “Korean”, “7 layers” and “comfort”, SPUR brings a unique comfort level to a wide variety of shoe styles.

SPUR shoes review

SPUR is located at Plaza Singapura, Unit 04-32 (new extension)

What sets SPUR apart from others –

7 layers guaranteed to make you comfortable!

When I was there, I checked out the Constellation collection first –

There’s an interesting write-up for each zodiac:

Oh it’s true – I love bling blings and sparkling accessories! 😀

I found the loafers interesting –

spur shoes review

You can mix and match the straps on the loafers to create a new look! 😀 Clever!

Some of the shoes from the autumn collection –

You’d love these ultra comfy boots if you’re a boots-lover!

spur shoes reviewThe constellation collection follows the launch of the brand’s well- received Spring/Summer ’13 collection which featured soft hues, glitter and floral-feminity.

spur shoes review

The gorgeous kids’ collection –

More designs for your viewing pleasure –

I went mad trying on many pairs of shoes and had such a difficult time choosing my favourite – they were all so beautiful and comfortable!

Classic feminine look – and I love the bright colour!!!

I have a soft spot for bright colours AND flowers!

secretly wishing I could have more pairs! Oh now that I’ve told you, it’s not a secret anymore! 😀

I was very impressed by the comfort of the shoes – even though I thought some of them didn’t look comfortable based on the exterior, I was pleasantly surprised when I slipped my feet into them! After trying on the shoes over and over again, I finally decided on these lovely pair of wedges, recommended by the pretty lady boss herself.

They look so gorgeous I put them on for the rest of the evening!

You really have to try on the shoes for yourself to feel how comfortable they are!

I definitely have to agree with this!

Price for loafers range from S$119.00 – S$139.00, ballet flats are from S$89.00- S$119.00 and SPUR’s boots and pumps range from S$129.00- S$169.00.

SPUR Singapore
Plaza Singapura, Unit 04-32 (new extension)
Opening hours: 11:00AM – 10:00PM daily
Disclosure: I spent a lovely afternoon trying on shoes and fretting over which pair of shoes to get for my complimentary pair while the kids snacked on cookies and waited for mummy.


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  1. Jennifer Kimberley says:

    I know, right? I so can’t live without my shoes!

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