Shaving foam art with pipettes

shaving foam art

Playing with shaving foam every day has become part of our bath time routine – the kids get to choose a letter at every bath and I’ll spray it on their little tummies. Fun for my big kid, and great for learning for my little one who’s picking up alphabets. On days that we want a little more fun, we do shaving foam painting and here’s another shaving foam art activity which incorporates the use of pipettes since the colour mixing with pipettes activity was so well-received.

I cut out some shapes from the cardboard backing of the kids’ drawing block and had them smear shaving foam all over the shapes. You can cut out anything you want, depending on your own focus (alphabets, for instance).

My girl enjoyed the smearing of shaving foam on the cardboard but my little boy didn’t.

If you’re using thinner cardboard, the cardboard might buckle when you apply the shaving foam on, but I don’t think that would really affect the activity very much.


And he promptly ran off to wash his hands.

He returned to the table when it was time to start on the ‘painting’. He loves working with pipettes!

I used food colouring so I had very pastel shades. If you’re looking for vibrant colours and a greater range of colours, you can use liquid watercolour instead as it’s more concentrated than food colouring in water.

The kids were super generous with the amount of coloured water they squirted on the foam using the pipettes so after awhile everything became rather watery. But watching how that takes place was rather fun and the marbling of colours was very pretty too.

Stage 1 – first squirts of colours covering the entire shape

Stage 2 – when they squirted a second round of coloured water on an already coloured piece of cardboard. Shaving foam starts to become more watery and marbling of colours start to take place.

Stage 3 – When more coloured water is added – a watery, bubbly colourful mess!

And when all the pieces of cardboard were used up, they started mixing colours again.

An easy-to-clean-up sensory cum fine motor skills activity and doesn’t take long to set up! 🙂

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4 Responses to Shaving foam art with pipettes

  1. Ker Min says:

    May i ask where can we buy and how much was the pipette?

  2. Dee says:

    Wow, that sure looks fun for the kids! And such pretty colours too.
    Thanks for sharing the idea 🙂
    Dee recently posted…Pack Up and GO!My Profile

  3. Daniel says:

    Awesome activity for the kids. Last year we used shaving cream with food color to color easter eggs and it was really exiting!
    Daniel recently posted…Toprew creamsMy Profile

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