Rise restaurant at Marina Bay Sands

Instead of a food recipe today, I thought I’d just share with you our experience at a restaurant instead. We went to Rise restaurant at Marina Bay Sands on Tuesday night to celebrate my aunt’s birthday. It’s not our first time there but it’s been quite a long while. It was on the spur of the moment to have a post about it so I could only snap photos of the buffet line with my phone since I didn’t lug my DSLR along.
rise restaurant at marina bay sands

The ambience is pretty nice but the lighting is dim at some spots like the seat I was in, so no photos of the food I ate!

I took a quick walk around to check out the range of food available and snapped a few photos. First up, I checked out the desssert spread. At a buffet, I always check out the desserts first (though I still have enough self-control to eat them last) and I was very pleased that they have a wide variety – there was a chocolate fountain (the kids’ highlight of the whole buffet), chendol, cheng tng and ice-cream apart from the exquisite cakes and tarts. We tried almost everything and I think what stood out were the bread and butter pudding and chocolate cake and the mochi was not bad.

Salad table

I’m not a big fan of salads and skipped the table but if you are, you’d probably be overjoyed at the variety. What I remember most from the entire buffet were the sliced potatoes from the roast beef section. Those were super moist and tasty and my family members loved it too when I took a whole plate to share with them. 😀 I find that the meats didn’t sit too well with me that day – the chicken was too tough and I couldn’t even get the meat off the ribs because it was wayyyy too tough. The roast beef was alright, but not really memorable.

If you’re a seafood fan, then I think you’ve come to the right place for a buffet. The prawns are super fresh and sweet and they even offer Alaskan crab. I can’t comment on the rest as I’m allergic to clams etc. but oh, the prawns… the prawns… and the sweet juices of the crab… I need to get them out of my head now!

It’s really not very difficult to make the amount of money you spend on the buffet worth it because you can gorge yourself silly on sashimi here. Freshly cut on the spot and always speedily replenished.

They offer some Chinese dishes, Indian curries, there’s a wide selection of bread and there’s also a Japanese noodle section where I helped myself to my favourite cold soba. You can also order Singapore laksa and fishball noodles from the noodle counter and you’ll get a freshly cooked bowl of noodles! For soups, there were three choices. My kids both had a bowl of sharkfin melon soup each and the cream of corn was pretty good (I didn’t try the last one so I can’t comment).

So what’s the price tag? Well, buffet lunch is from $59.70 and $31.30 for children (ages 6-12) and buffet dinner from $78.30 and $49.30 for children (ages 6-12). Children 5 and below eat for free. 🙂

Marina Bay Sands
Hotel Lobby, Tower 1

UPDATED: For more buffet reviews, check out my review of The Line at Shangri-la Hotel and The Straits Cafe at Rendevous Hotel.

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5 Responses to Rise restaurant at Marina Bay Sands

  1. Christy Wong says:

    Looks a great spread and wow they even have Alaska crabs! Is it comparable to The Line? I am considering a buffet to go to and your post came in time!!

    • simplymommie says:

      Hi Christy, I’ve not been to The Line, so I can’t say how they compare. I think The Line might be more expensive though.

    • simplymommie says:

      Hi Christy! Not sure if you’ve already tried The Line, but we went some time back and I’d say the buffet lines are comparable! You can hop over to the review (updated the post with the link!) 🙂

  2. Linette Ng says:

    Hi there! May I know if the seafood frm this buffet was fresh and made of quality? Like the prawns! Cause the last time I went to this seafood buffet in a prestigious hotel and was really disappointed because the prawns weren’t fresh (I mean we all can tell if seafood is fresh or not right?) 🙂 Thanks for sharing! x

    • simplymommie says:

      Hi Linette, the times I was there, the prawns were fresh. I’m allergic to some seafood, so can’t say that all were fresh since I didn’t eat all types of seafood. The last time I went was last year, I can’t guarantee that it has maintained its standards. Hope it helps.

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