Fine motor skills activities – Squeezing lime

fine motor skills activities invitation to explore

I love preparing fine motor skills activities for my tot and this is such a simple activity to set up and a marvelous one for young children to work on their fine motor skills and strengthen those little muscles in their fingers (which are crucial when they start learning to write). (View our most recent fine motor skills activity – colour mixing with pipettes here, my top 10 fine motor skills activities for toddlers I did with my girl when she was young and all other fine motor skills activities we’ve done here).

To set up this invitation to explore, just provide the child with limes, a bowl for squeezing the juice into and a table cloth (my little one insisted on wiping his hand in between limes) – tray is entirely optional.

My little boy’s expressions were so priceless as he touched the exterior of the lime, smelt it and even tried to eat it and of course, when he squeezed it. He even trembled as he used all his strength to squeeze hard, which truly amused me to no end!

fine motor skills activities

Simply love the expressions!

And if you find that you have lots of lime juice after your child is done with the limes, make limeade and enjoy it in this sweltering heat!


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