Tasty fruity goodness for picky eaters

For those of you who have been following this blog from the beginning, you’d know that I am a war veteran where feeding my fussy girl is concerned. I believe I’ve fought more battles than most parents where it comes to feeding. My daughter was the fussiest fussy-pot that you would only find in a parent’s worst nightmare. Think 3-hour meals, eating only selected foods and cooked in certain ways, refusal to try anything new while rejecting all tried-and-tested foods. She drove me up the wall and for those who are quick to say I should have thrown away all the food and let her starve, believe me, I’ve tried. But she never seems to be hungry enough to want to eat. I swear she survived on air.

Sounds familiar to you? Then you must be as frustrated as I was. So what’s an anxious parent to do? Besides getting food in that puny stomach, the next best thing I could do was to make up for the shortfall in nutrients and since she wasn’t eating much, I started scouting for vitamins since she refused formula milk as well as milk formulated for picky eaters (she’s beyond picky, as you can see).

Anyway, those nightmarish days are thankfully more or less over – she’s not as picky as before, just very wary of new foods. But over the years, we have been trying out various vitamins and for us, when we choose vitamins, it’s always a balance between taste and nutrition. Some vitamins we’ve tried had too much sugar on the vitamins so much so there was a layer of sugar at the bottom of the bottle when the vitamins were finished, some just tasted plain bad so we had to bribe her to eat them which you know is really just asking too much of me.

The recent vitamin gummies we tried from Merck Seven Seas (an established healthcare brand in UK) fit the bill quite perfectly I must say. I tasted all the gummies and I had to refrain from popping more of it myself.

The taste of the fruity gummies was very pleasant and not too sweet despite the very light coat of sugar on the gummies. Both my girl and I love the blackcurrant ones best. And that’s great too because I personally feel that that’s the one she needs most (Vitamin C & Zinc) as she tends to fall ill during term time.

Seven Seas vitamins do NOT contain any preservatives, colouring, artificial flavourings or artificial sweeteners

Remember I told you how we have tried vitamins which had lots of sugar? Well, here’s how Seven Seas vitamin gummies fared in this area:

Seven Seas vitamins

As you can see for yourself, hardly any sugar left in the bottle!

You can rest assured that after eating these gummies, your children won’t be bouncing off the walls for the next hour from the sugar high! We want to feed our children vitamins, not load them with unnecessary sugar!

She definitely enjoys the daily dose of two fruity gummies, twice a day!

You can choose which Seven Seas vitamin gummies are suitable for your child based on what you feel she needs – multivitamin, calcium or vitamin C.

The Seven Seas Kids Fruits Gummies range is available in all leading pharmacies and selected supermarkets and is retailing at $12.90 for 30 chewable delectable gummies. From now to 31 December 2013, get a $2 off every bottle of Gummies purchased. While stocks last.

Disclosure: This is an advertorial. All opinions expressed are 100% mine.

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  1. Gautham Lurk says:

    Hi Angie,

    Great idea you’ve implemented. We also faced mischevious trouble, when our son rejects to eat veggies and other nutritious food.
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