RedMart – Click. Click. Done.

Click. Click. Done.

Now that sounds incredibly convenient for people like me who have kids with me 24/7 and need to get groceries.

Especially since Super Boy is usually busy… building blocks, erm I mean, constructing cities, and can’t help with the grocery bags.

DSC_1051-1Well, since Superboy is too busy, I grab my tea and turn on the laptop … and the shopping begins!

As I shop at RedMart, all I can think about is how hassle-free it is to shop for groceries online. It is also more convenient for comparing prices as quantities are clearly stated and you can even sort items by price –

redmart review

You can also see at a glance which items are on sale and which are newly added items as they are labeled clearly –

redmart review

I also like that my order is tallied instantly and I can see how much I have spent so far at the top bar – great for budgeting and I can re-adjust my grocery list based accordingly:

redmart review

Once done with the shopping, simply check out your items then key in your address. You can also store alternative shipping addresses (for shipping to multiple family members and friends!) –

redmart review

After that, select your preferred delivery timing (2-hour windows!) and select your payment mode (credit card/ Paypal) – delivery is free for purchases $75 and above:

redmart review

Another feature I like is that I am prompted to review my order before payment is finally made so that I can make last minute adjustments if necessary:

redmart review

After that, simply click ‘Place my order’ and that’s all!

Looks like I need not bother my Super Boy in future when I need to get groceries! 😛

He can help put the groceries away when they arrive though! 🙂


Good news for readers of Simply Mommie!

When making your purchases at RedMart, key in this discount code to enjoy 10% off your first purchase: rm_smom.

Log on to now to buy your groceries! 🙂

Disclosure: This is an advertorial. All opinions are 100% mine.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Hey Angie, thank you for you sharing such a well written and informative article. Even i have recently started shopping groceries online at and it was such an amazing experience that I won’t mind recommending them to anyone in Singapore.

    Sarah | redmart coupon

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