Fall scented cloud dough

fall scented cloud dough

Cloud dough has been on my long to-do list for a long time and I finally got down to making it for the kids last week. Instead of using baby oil as per the norm, I used olive oil and scented the cloud dough with ground cinnamon and I threw in some cloves and a stick of cinnamon. Mmmph, the fall scented cloud dough smelt very wonderful indeed!

Since it’s summer all year round in Singapore, we don’t get the opportunity to experience apple-picking or the smells and sights related to autumn so I thought it’d be nice to do up something simple and since I have cinnamon and cloves in the pantry as I have been making masala chai (recipe coming up this Friday!), I had the perfect excuse to make this cloud dough to add to the sensory experience.

I’d read so much about how cloud dough feels like flour one moment and yet is easily molded and we were not disappointed with our batch. The measurements I’ve read online are 8 cups flour, 1 cup oil, but I really didn’t have so much flour at home so I just followed the ratio and made a small batch.

The kids were super excited and even put off eating the freshly air-fried chicken wings to play with the cloud dough – unbelievable!

They smelt the cinnamon, the cloves and they both agreed that the the fragrance was just so pleasant. I’m not surprised as they are always trying to have a go at my chai!

I’ll leave you with some photos of how they played with the cloud dough and I hope you try this out!


My girl went straight to fill the silicon cupcake mould with the cloud dough while my boy checked out the texture


“ta-da!” he exclaimed after he filled up the silicon cupcake mold

Look what happens when I squeeze it in my hand!

Look what happens when I squeeze it in my hand!

Trying out the texture with their feet

Trying out the texture with their feet

Buried her feet!

Covered her toes!

It's raining, it's raining... flour!!!

It’s raining, it’s raining… flour!!!

Going crazy...

Going crazy sprinkling…

And he tried to throw a handful of it at me...!!

And he tried to throw a handful of it at me…!!

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  1. Looks like they were having so much fun! I’m not surprised it’s a lovely activity.

    I’ve included it in a round up of Fall Activities:

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