An Egg-cellent Recipe

I’m on holiday but I’ve invited my friend, Angela, to guest post today. She’s been sharing so many cute and creative food pictures on Facebook that I thought it’d be nice to share one of her creations here on the blog too. A stay-home mom to four lovely girls, Angela is a passionate home-cook who is always trying hard to please her children’s palate. Here’s one of her egg-cellent ideas!


When Angie invited me to guest post at her blog to share a recipe with her readers, I felt really pleased and honoured to be able to do so and said yes immediately without second thought.

So here it is – a healthy macaroni soup recipe incorporating my ‘egg-cellent idea’ and we have Ultraman VS Domokun. Roarrrrr! Haha… 🙂


  • Macaroni
  • Ikan bilis stock
  • Fish cake
  • Broccoli
  • Carrot
  • Egg
  • Cherry tomato
  • Crab meat stick


1) Bring a pot of water to boil and cook the macaroni in it. Drain when cooked and set aside.

2) Pan-fry an egg yolk (for the sun-ray and eyes)

3) Combine some water and dark soy sauce, bring the mixture to boil and cook the fish cake in it. Discard mixture when fish cake is cooked.

4) Cooked crab meat stock, carrot and broccoli.

5) For Domokun (fish cake), use a knife to slit open the crab meat stick and unroll to get a flat piece. Cut out the shapes required. Using the red part, cut out a rectangle for the mouth with a pair of scissors. Using the white part, cut out the teeth. Use seaweed to cut out two circle for the eyes.

6) For Ultraman (hard-boiled egg), refer to (5) on how to use the crab meat stick. Cut out a triangle and stick it on the upper centre of the egg. Using a bubble tea straw, squeeze the end of the straw (NOT the pointed end) so the hole looks like an oval. Use it on the fried egg yolk to get Ultraman’s oval-shaped eyes.

7) Half the cherry tomato and cut small stripes with the balanced fried egg yolk to get the sun with ray.

8) Use alphabet cutters to cut out the required alphabets on the sliced carrot. *I cut it free-hand though. It’s possible. However, using the alphabet cutters definitely help save a lot of time and work.

9) Ladle some stock (check here on how to prepare the stock) over the drained macaroni and proceed to garnish as shown in pic.

Voila! A cute and healthy meal for your little one. Hope you’ll like it and find it useful. Enjoy!

Angela is a stay-at-home mommy to 4 girls. She shares her knowledge via her personal Facebook page, and is glad to have made quite a lot of friends through her sharing. She really enjoys and appreciates the interaction and discussion about baking and cooking with friends which make her passion for cooking for the family grow by the day. Hop by her blog to check out more creative recipes.


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  1. Gautham Lurk says:

    It’s truely an excellent Recipe or should i say Egg-cellent. I will try it out.
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