DIY Teacher Appreciation Gifts 2013

Diy teacher appreciation gifts Last week we celebrated Teachers Appreciation Day and so I focused our homelearning activity on preparing the gifts. There are people who think that it’s the teachers’ job to teach so there’s no need to give them anything but I don’t quite agree with that. And that’s not because I used to be a teacher. I think it’s important to let the children learn the importance of appreciating people and in this case, they should be thankful for the teachers. Even though my girl wasn’t able to help with every step in all the DIY teacher appreciation gifts, I think she got the message. 🙂

So here’s a really short post filled with pictures. These are really simple and pocket-friendly gifts and yes, I gave in to my notebook fetish and decorated two covers for both her teachers at the kindy. I chose a few of the ideas from this post which contains some of my favourite pocket-friendly ideas for teachers day gifts or you can hop by to take a look at my Teachers appreciation gifts ideas Pinterest board for more inspiration.

This isn’t quite the finished product but I decided to take a shot with the undecorated notebook first in case I forget to take the before-and-after shot!

DSC_0778Here’s one of the completed decorated notebooks and its interior. I used a sheet of matching paper for the interior and chose a pink polka dot ribbon to match the notebook.

diy notebook 1The completed notebooks:

DSC_0786And these presents were for her teachers at HeART Studio:


Teabags dressed up in a candy container for her male teacher (original idea from PB & J stories)


And a cute feminine gift for her sweet female teacher (original idea and free printable from She’s Kinda Crafty)

Remember to check out the wonderful ideas I’ve shortlisted as well as my Pinterest boardDI! ~~~~~~~~~~~~

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