Singapore’s 48th National day – after-thoughts

Another National Day has passed us by. Singapore’s 48 this year, though it’s quite unbelievable that Singapore is only 48 considering the nation’s successes. As with the average Singaporean, I too, am proud of my country. As far as I can recall, I’ve always looked forward to watching the National Day Parade on television.

It’s been at least 20 odd years now. But the excitement has dwindled slowly and surely, and that’s not because I’ve grown into an adult. Every year I watch the NDP, I can’t help think of the simplicity of parades of the yesteryears. So simple, yet so much more memorable. Now the highlight of the national day parade for me is seeing the honorable old man arrive. And it has been so for many years.

Every year, I look forward to listening to the new national day song. Let’s just say, I’ve been disappointed since 1998.

There’s something in common between the national day parades and the songs each year. I think it started about a decade ago, where we try to come across as being up-to-date, trying to sound hip and cool, keeping up with the times. Surely adding rap into the national day song and having awesome light displays make the cut? Well, unfortunately not.

I very much prefer the ‘Count on me Singapore’

and ‘We are Singapore’ type of national day songs,

and ‘Home’ too.

And please, don’t go re-mixing till the song is mutilated. The words and the original way the songs sound and singing along – you have to try it yourself to experience how the songs of past national days can conjure that strong sense of patriotism and pride. You forget all unhappiness with the lacking transport system, the widening income gap and put aside all differences and just feel… Singaporean, united in the pride we have for our little city-state, and how far we’ve come along.

My wish for Singapore this year? Prosperity for the nation, but not forgetting the less fortunate. Moving forward, without forgetting or destroying our past and heritage. Achieving a better work-life balance for the population so we can focus on the things that matter most in life.

Happy 48th birthday Singapore! 🙂


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