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Shopping for groceries with two kids in tow can be very challenging, especially when the tot is squirmy and impatient and my other kid has her own agenda at the supermarket. And that’s not considering how it’s near impossible to lug home the shopping loot on my own and make sure that the kids cross the road safely. That means that I can only do the major stocking up of necessities when my hubby is free. But the savvy mama has of course other means to get things done – online grocery shopping with RedMart!

With RedMart’s user-friendly interface, it’s really much easier and way more convenient and comfortable to order the non-perishables online. I can slowly sip my tea, compare prices across brands for similar items and not have to try to rein in two kids trying to tear down the supermarket. And I need not lug the heavy grocery bags back – there’s free delivery for orders $75 and above, which is honestly, not difficult at all to achieve with four of us in the family. Sounds pretty great, don’t you think?

Simply create an account by keying in your email address and your password:


By creating an account, the products you buy upon your first purchase from the e-store will be stored on the list in the site and you can easily re-order those items in future without having to go through the different categories to select the items individually. As you browse through the site, you can also click on ‘Add To My List’, which is a list you can save and keep for future reference or the next order.

With clearly labelled categories, it’s also very easy to locate items, especially if you have a shopping list –


Further categorization of items is available on the left column which makes it even easier to locate the item you’re looking for.


After you’ve finished buying all that you need, check out the items, select your preferred delivery timing (same day delivery available if you place orders before 10am!) and make payment.

One of the nicest things about RedMart is the 2-hour delivery window, which means that I need not spend half a day at home anticipating the arrival of my groceries and we can head outdoors to play without worrying about missing the grocery delivery –

A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you logged in with the details of what you bought as well as provide you with a mobile number to call should you need to make any amendments to the list or the delivery timing. And that’s it – grocery shopping all done, in the comfort of home! – no more struggling with grocery bags and getting the kids to behave at the supermarket!

Apart from doing this on your computer, you can order your groceries on your mobile phone if you have an iPhone via the iPhone application.

redmart review

New products and items on sale can be browsed from the start-up screen and clear categories can be found by following the instructions to ‘Tap here to start’


redmart review

Navigate to ‘Watch tutorial’ by clicking on the right-most icon below if you’re not sure how to start!

Ah, can you just imagine how convenient it is to do your grocery shopping while on public transport on your way to work and receive the groceries by the time you are home on the same day? For working parents, that would be awesome – more time saved means more time with the kids!

Good news for readers of Simply Mommie!

When making your purchases at RedMart, key in this discount code to enjoy 10% off your first purchase: rm_smom.

Log on to now to buy your groceries! 🙂

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post and is part of my ongoing conversations with Redmart.

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  1. Manu says:

    Hello dear,
    Thanks for sharing such a great post and step by step guide for getting safe shopping at Redmart Singapore. Shopping with Redmart is really great experience for everyone because store comes with exclusive and attractive deals on daily bases where you can avail moreover products at half prices.
    Thanks again dear…!!! keep posting. Redmart Vouchers

  2. Sarah says:

    hey Angie, thank you for sharing the article and above discount code did work for me when i purchase first time at red Please share if there are any other discount code or offering going on.

  3. Sean Chaw says:

    Nice blog and interactive design like your post about redmart online grocery shop in singapore.

  4. Eliza Shaw says:

    Redmart is awesome — I love being able to shop for groceries from everywhere, even on my iPad in bed sometimes 🙂

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