Ice alphabet letters play

ice alphabet letters play

When better to indulge in some icy cold play than in this sweltering heat? I finally made coloured ice alphabets (and numbers) for the kids to play with – again, I’ve procrastinated doing this for erm, probably a few months and the silicon moulds have been sitting in the cabinet.

There were three alphabet moulds and one mould for the numbers. For the alphabets, I chose three different colours; I left the numbers one colourless but added peppermint flavour instead so that it could be a multi-sensory activity. And indeed, the peppermint ice numbers smelt so wonderful!

ice alphabet letters

yellow, red and blue!

ice alphabet letters play

the peppermint numbers

I’ve not let them play with ice for quite a long while so they were really elated!! Both kids helped to remove the ice from the silicon moulds and started touching and attempting to hold the ice.

ice alphabet lettersOk, now if you notice, I set up two sheets of paper – one for each. I got my girl to write alphabets for little boy to learn his alphabets while playing with the ice alphabets, while hers had simple words which could be spelt using the ice. We did the writing prior to setting up the activity.

ice alphabet letters play

We did some matching!And spelling too!

And spelling too!

ice alphabet letters playAnd after that, they just started ‘painting’ with the coloured ice by moving the fast-melting ice around on the paper and it was a beautiful sight as the colours blended together.

ice alphabet letters playWhile the ice melted, we also talked about how the ice would melt faster if she kept swirling the ice alphabets around in the plate compared to those lying still on the paper. And of course, we couldn’t miss out discussing the colours which were appearing before our eyes.

Ok, after awhile of playing, my daughter asked, what are the ice letters made of? Hmm, so I told her water and food colouring, and for the numbers water and flavouring. Her question that followed?

Can we eat it?

Ok, so I said, you can taste it, though I don’t think there’s much taste, except for the peppermint ones.


Trying out the taste of ice

And of course her brother was only too glad to follow suit:

DSC_0604-1And he couldn’t quite stop. I think he thought the activity was about eating the ice.

Anyway, so after all the eating – or so I thought – I passed my girl a paintbrush to ask if she’d like to try to mix the colours a bit more on the paper but well, I think she was still hooked on trying to eat them –

DSC_0608-1And right after this photo, we had to end the activity because the ice had more or less melted, though they kept bugging me about the last few bits that were lying around. Hmm, I guess they had fun!!

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  1. ting says:

    nice! this is one good idea! May i know where i can buy the mould for the alphabets and numbers?
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  2. Beverly says:

    Great idea! Gonna try this one out with my daughter.
    Beverly recently posted…NIVEA Body UV Whitening Serum – 14-Day Challenge ResultsMy Profile

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