Gumigem teething jewellery review & giveaway

Gumigem teething jewellery reviewGrowing pains very aptly describes the process of growing up. I’m sure you’re familiar with how growing teeth in particular can be a very painful and annoying process for baby (and mummy too).

And recently the pain’s been quite excruciating.

For me.

With my boy waking up more often in the night and my completely futile attempts at stopping him from putting his fingers/ fist into his mouth to gnaw on, you can expect that Mother Zombie was about to chew his little head off.


See what I mean? Always stuffing something in his mouth!

It must be divine intervention because I was contacted to do a Gumigem teething jewellery review at that time. Besides, I had just taken a fancy to costume jewellery. Ah, such perfect timing.

Gumigem teething jewellery review

Each teething item arrived, individually packaged.

Even though I technically can’t and won’t wear this to bed so that he can gnaw on it in his sleep (which is very dangerous and you shouldn’t even dream about it), it’s useful when I’m out with him so that he wouldn’t keep stuffing his fingers into his mouth. Warning: For Gumigem necklaces – children & babies must only interact with the necklace when worn by an adult due to long cord and risk of strangulation. 

Gnawing on a bead of my Gumidrop Skyfall necklace

Gnawing on a bead of my Gumidrop Skyfall necklace

I tried on all three necklaces, one at a time of course, and here’s how he totally enjoyed chewing on the soft, non-toxic silicon:


In the midst of changing his grip of the Miller Heart Bubblegum pendant

I think he loved the Skimmers Denim necklace best!

I think he loved the Skimmers Denim necklace best!

I love how the teething jewellery is made big enough for baby to handle, is soft and flexible yet sturdy enough to withstand all the gnawing! It’s BPA free and even dentist approved! Besides, you never have to worry about the teether dropping on the floor again since you’re wearing it!

For maintenance, simply wash the necklace after use and let it dry then store it away till the next use. Gumigem can also be sterilized and can withstand high heat in the boiling water without the clasp (remove the clasp prior to sterilizing).

Because these necklaces are so outstanding, you can be sure that they will jazz up your look. A simple plain top is instantly enhanced while pleasing your baby at the same time!

I chose a black top that could bring out how amazing these teething jewellery look.

I chose a black top that could bring out how amazing these teething jewellery look.

This must be where fashion meets baby. If you’ve not been putting on accessories because of all the constant tugging, I’d say Gumigem’s your best bet!

Love what you see and want to win a necklace or voucher to purchase a necklace to try out?

A Traditional heart pendant – Custard cream (worth $27.90) plus 3 x S$10 vouchers up for grabs!

Gumigem teething jewellery reviewSimply fill up the Rafflecopter widget as per usual!

If you’d like to purchase Gumigem teething jewellery, there’s a 10% discount for Simply Mommie readers! Simply key in 104SIMPLYM in the check out process. View the designs here!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: All opinions expressed are mine. The necklaces were complimentary but no monetary compensation was received.


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14 Responses to Gumigem teething jewellery review & giveaway

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  2. Carol says:

    My seven-going-on-eight month old baby is starting to teethe and wanting my boobie all the time as his human pacifier. Winning the custard heart pendant will really help bring both of us relief!!


  3. Jess says:

    This is a wonderful innovative teething jewellery. Now, I can wearing it without worry that my little one grab and bite it while I’m carry him!!

  4. Lim Mei says:

    Safe for baby, fashionable for mummy, dual function works wonderfully – what’s not to like!? =)

  5. Jolin says:

    My 2mo bb has not start teething yet but it will come soon. The pendent will be of great help to ease his teething pain.

  6. ROSYANTI says:

    A great way to carry toy/teething object without losing or dropping it.

  7. june says:

    Winning the pendant will be god send… My 8 months old has 2 teethers. His hands and me… When he sees me, all he wants to do is latch on but after a few suckles, he will bite me as his bottom tooth has just emerged. im sure the bright colour will attract his attention and be his next favourite thing…

  8. Mavis Sheh says:

    my going 4month son had started teething n always looking for stuff to put into his mouth and would sometimes get cranky if uncomfortable. hence hope to get a necklace forfrom gumigem to help him ease his discomfort.

  9. Ting says:

    Wow, this is cool!! I also like your shimmer denim one!
    Ting recently posted…Parents World Exhibition 2013My Profile

  10. Marie Lee says:

    I never knew that a baby’s chew toy can be in the form of such pretty accessories which mommies can wear! I’ve a 5mth old baby who recently has started teething and putting every single thing he could lay his hands on into his mouth and that oncludes my necklace and even the buttons on my tops. I’ve stopped wearing items that could potentially land inside his mouth for both hygiene and safety purposes. It’ll be a God send if I could own 1 of such necklace and not worry that he would use it as a chew toy because it’s made to be! I’m very sure the attractive colours would win his inquisitive mind over too and made him wanna explore the item with both his hands and mouth 🙂

  11. Shuxin says:

    A good to have! Something my bb can chew on safely while he is in carrier! Keeps him more entertained while I shop or run errands 😉

  12. Ranice Wu says:

    My going 10mth old fully breastfeed baby is currently teething.
    He bites every single thing he can get his hands on.
    It is so frustrating ESP when I’m carrying him,he BITES HARD.

    It will be great if he can have these teething jewelleries so it can ease his irritable gums when I’m carrying him.

  13. Sharon Toh says:

    hope i get bitten less with this! 🙂

  14. Robert Sim says:

    Hope to win for my wife. Our eight-month-old who has been cutting his first two pearlies, has been biting my wife each time she nurses him, much to her pain and irritation. He treats her like a human pacifier sometimes too.

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