Farm Sensory Bin

farm sensory bin

A couple of weeks back, I noticed that my little girl’s school was on the theme of farm animals so I quickly put together a simple farm sensory bin, something which I’ve been wanting to do but haven’t got down to doing. And since beans were such a hit with the kids when we made our starfish craft using pantry supplies, I thought it would be just perfect to use beans in our farm small world play (view our penguin small world play and ocean theme sensory bin while you’re here!).

It turned out that I was right – they loved it! I used dhal, split mung beans and red beans and they were blown away by the lovely fragrance of the dhal and they had so much fun!

I mixed the dhal and split mung beans together, sectioned out a small portion of the box for the red beans for the ‘mud’ for my lonely pig, cut out a piece of blue foam for a teeny weeny pond and of course threw in some animals and farm pieces from our farm toob and another farm-themed batch of toys I’d bought much earlier.




YAY! This is fun!



They’ve played with this many times and needless to say, by the end of the first session, all the beans were mixed up – not like it bothered them at all anyway.

I will share more pictures of how much they enjoyed this sensory bin in another post. Stay tuned!

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