Doctor for a day @Mt Elizabeth Novena Hospital

Over the weekend, we were very glad to have been given a slot to experience being a doctor for a day @ Mt Elizabeth Novena hospital, thanks to to a fellow mom blogger! Opened in July 2012, the hospital – which smells nothing like disinfectant and with a lobby that resembles that of a hotel – organised the Doctor for a day programme which aims to help children aged five to 12 better appreciate the healthcare industry and inspire them to become medical professionals when they grow up.

doctor for a day mt elizabeth novena hospital

doctor for a day mt elizabeth novena hospital

The children were given the opportunity to role play as doctors in a hospital setting which includes donning scrubs and hair nets and the whole session was carried out in the wards on level 9 of the hospital.

doctor for a day mt elizabeth novena hospital

I’m amazed that the hospital has scrubs small enough for her (she’s a petite 5-year-old)!

While waiting for the rest of the ‘doctors’ to arrive, Dr Ng went to check on her first patient… while daddy in the background is searching for a suitable toy for lil Alex.

doctor for a day mt elizabeth novena hospital

After all the little doctors gathered and donned their hair nets, they learnt how to clean their hands thoroughly.

Then they were off to the first stop where they used the stethoscope –

And at the A&E room, they learnt how to dress wounds and bandaged their partner’s wrist, and my girl couldn’t stop putting plasters on herself.

The nursing room was almost everyone’s favourite room. That was where they learnt to take care of a baby, including feeding, burping, changing and making baby comfortable in bed. My girl however was most interested in powdering her face with the puff (see her white face in the photo) *sigh*

The operating theatre was my little girl’s favourite – or so she claims. She says that Mr. Smoke-too-much (or was it Mr. Smoke-a-lot?) has problems with his lungs because he smoked too much. She also says she’s going to be a surgeon. I think she was just fascinated with the mask and the gloves, but well, high aspirations over here!

At the ‘pharmacy’, they removed their scrubs and put on the white coat instead and they proceeded for a group photo.

At the graduation room, they received their certificates, goodie bags and a copy of the group photo they had just taken (talk about efficiency!) –

And so that wrapped up the very informative, engaging and educational session and I must say I’m very impressed with the efficiency of the hospital staff and how well the session was conducted! Certainly a wonderful experience for the children!


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  1. Ella Koh says:

    My daughter would like to attend Doctor for a day @ Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital

    • simplymommie says:

      Hi Ella, you may wanna check directly with the hospital regarding future programs as I’m not one of the organisers.

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