10+ pocket-friendly Teacher appreciation day gift ideas

Teacher appreciation day gift ideas When I first started out as a teacher, Teacher appreciation day was quite a highlight. Students made me feel, on that day, that all the sh*t I did for the year for them – the marking late into the night, the hair-tearing days while reading bad grammar and logic beyond belief – was worth it all. I never fancied expensive items from students, and in fact, what I really loved and cherished most were the heartfelt words of thanks which came in cards and simple notes. Although soft toys were great to receive (and I’m a big fan of toys), for me, it was always the thought that counts, and if the present was something useful, ahhh, all the better!

5 years into this parenting gig, last year I found myself in the painful situation of not having a ‘proper’ present for my daughter’s teachers. I’d been homeschooling her before she turned 4 and had not had the need to prep any teachers’ day gifts so last year was actually the first time my daughter experienced a ‘real’ teachers’ day celebration. I really wanted to make something for her teachers but I was ill then and had no energy to think or go that extra mile so in the end we settled for fancy encouragement stamps for her teachers and I wrapped them up with her artwork, complete with matching tags.

This year, I’m glad to say that I started early – ok, earlier! While I cycled on my stationery bike recently (I’m ashamed to say I’ve not exercised for a whole year!), I’ve been entertaining myself by browsing Pinterest for pinspiration! I’ve added interesting ideas to my Teachers’ appreciation gift ideas board, with the main criteria that it shouldn’t be expensive, but still thoughtful gifts.

Since I’ve spent time looking for the ideas, I thought I’d just share them with you! Here are just some of the teacher appreciation day gift ideas I’ve rounded up so far – you can check out the board for all the ideas (and I will be pinning more as I browse). Click on the source links I’ve included to get to the original ideas. Note that a range of ideas have been included so it doesn’t matter whether or not you can bake, sew or craft! And most importantly, these thoughtful ideas are wallet-friendly!

#1 DIY Notebook (folded)

I have a notebook fetish so you may see several diy notebook items I’ve pinned. This one is way cool because it doesn’t require you to staple or sew or even glue the book together. You have to check this idea out!

I made one to try out to see how it works and the verdict? It’s pretty awesome stuff! Here’s the notebook I made for my girl:

teachers appreciation gift ideasI made the diy notebook using the method taught by Design Love Fest and did up the cover by decorating cardboard from a recycled biscuit box with scrapbook paper, washi tape and a paper doily. To keep the notebook closed, I sewed a piece of elastic band together and placed a matching heart button on top. I also made a matching washi tape bookmark using just washi tape and a paper clip. Ok, I’m bursting with pride here. 😀

#2 DIY Notebook from cereal box

Yes, you have already been warned about my notebook fetish so here’s one more that I thought was cool. I tried sewing a notebook together but I’d say it’s workable only if you are going to make a thin notebook. Otherwise, it’s really not easy to put it together. And yes, if you need to know, I broke a fine needle trying. But I happened to be using a fine needle, so I’ll try this again with an embroidery needle next time. No harm giving this a shot though. It’s a great way to recycle those cereal/ biscuit boxes!

#3 Chalkboard notebook

Ok, I promise. This is the last notebook idea I’m throwing your way. I just thought to include this idea in this list because it’s over-the-top cool! And if you do have chalkboard paint at home already with you, give it a go!

#4 Chalkboard mug

Still harping on the wonders of chalkboard paint, here’s a chalkboard mug idea! Every teacher needs a drink surely. And a chalkboard mug is honestly one of the best ways to personalise it!

Fill the mug up with some goodies and you’re good to go!

#5 Post-it Present

teachers appreciation gift ideas

Source: Paper Wings

All teachers need post-its. No kidding. I’d love to receive this gift anytime! The best part? It’s so easy to put together (just a small clear photo frame to slot in a pretty sheet of paper and embellishments of your choice), so inexpensive and useful!

#6 Brown sugar scrub

Last year I was really tempted to put something like this together for her teachers so I decided to add this to the list! Who doesn’t need some pampering?

#7 Button bookmarks

Apart from having a fetish for notebooks, I have to admit I love buttons and bookmarks. Having them both in the same idea is too ideal not to include in this list.

#8 For the best TEAcher

If you happen to know that your kids’ teachers drink tea, here’s a gift idea!

#9 Flower thumbtacks

I’m sure preschool teachers will be pretty elated to receive these! I so want my own set just imagining the possibilities!

#10 Nail File & Polish gift

Hmm, let’s see. What are the chances that your kids’ preschool teacher is female? I’d say, pretty high! And I’m sure they’d love to receive this cute gift set!

#11 Highlighter

If you’re running out of time to make a gift, here’s something you can pick up from your nearest stationery store and still get away with! Now who wouldn’t like to know that they are the ‘hi-lite’ of someone’s day?

You can spice it up by using colourful highlighters instead.

#12 Cool to the Core

Ooh, this is so cute and easy to put together! Comes with free printables – just get your own apple and clipboard.

#13 Cookies

This is fairly common… but if you’re a great baker, there’s no harm giving the teachers a treat!

This comes with free printables too and even a link to an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie recipe.

#14 Sharpies

Definitely a gift that will come in useful!

teachers appreciation gift ideas

Source: I Pinned It.com

Original source of idea’s from design, wash, rinse, repeat which includes the download link for the free printable tag.

#15 Strawberries

Now if you’re still cracking your head about what to get and you’re neither a baker nor crafter, just get strawberries. Yes, you heard me right. Gather some strawberry-related items and place them in a basket or even just a large box of strawberries if you’re on a budget. You know the strawberries will get eaten! 🙂

Well, that’s it for this post but that’s NOT it for ideas because I’ve pinned more ideas on my Teachers Appreciation gift ideas board. Remember to hop by for some pinspiration! And if you could do me a wonderful favour while you’re over at Pinterest, please follow me on Pinterest 🙂


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  1. Simple Mum says:

    Cool! So beautiful and easy to make! Gotta steal one of the ideas for my kids’ teacher’s day present! I just wonder for the chalkboard mug, will washing the mug undo all the chalkpaint?
    Simple Mum recently posted…Check out my new facebook page!My Profile

  2. Beverly says:

    Great ideas and the diy notebook you made is so pretty! Can’t tell it was recycled.

  3. simplymommie says:

    Hi Simple Mum,

    Thanks! 🙂

  4. Deon | ipinnedit.com says:

    Howdy! Thanks so much for featuring the Sharpie teacher gift idea from my site! These other ideas are just darling! Great post, Angie!
    Deon | ipinnedit.com recently posted…An Adorable Welcome to the Neighborhood Gift Using Ice Cream and a Scoop {Free Printable!}My Profile

  5. Angelia says:

    Super like your ideas! Will do it for next yr or as g8fts for birthdays! : ) will share in my FB!

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