#Thanksgiving – Family & Friends in time of need

May was a difficult month for me and my family. The flu and cough bug just kept doing its rounds and it was just cycle after cycle for us. Usually it just hits the kids or I get a mild infection too but nothing too serious. But this time round, I got quite ill and ended up having no taste in the mouth other than phlegm for at least two weeks and my family had to survive on pork and fish porridge for dinner every day back then because I didn’t have any appetite to eat much so that was what I cooked. During the week that I had a fever and when the illness was at its peak, my friends from my girl’s school helped to bring her to school and back and one of them even helped to get lunch and my favourite tea whenever she helped to send my girl to school.

When I was a kid, my mum used to lament that I always think friends are too important. Now that I think back, well, those friends I used to have are nothing like the ones I have now – friends who are really there for me in times of need. And the best part is that I know them for less than a year – only after I shifted to my new place – which is why I often say that God sends angels to me wherever I go! And the blessing in disguise after the illness? I was back to pre-Alicia weight! Yeap, the illness kinda took a toll on me but of course, after I recovered and got back my tastebuds, I erm, may no longer be that thin. #perilsofbeingtoogreedy

Just when life started to become normal again, another major episode happened two Sundays back. I hurt my foot while trying to save Alex from falling off the bed. Alicia was seated on the floor and pulling him down, head first. I was washing up in the toilet and I saw that he was going to topple and if he fell, he would most definitely hit his head and probably do a flip after he lands on his head. I ran over to the bed and lunged – and caught his foot, just as he toppled. In that split second, I saw fear cross my girl’s face as she realised the danger she’d put her brother in and in the next second, I was screaming in pain. I had stubbed my toes against the corner of the bed frame and the excruciating pain wasn’t like any of the other times that I stub my toe (yes, I stub my toes kinda often, perhaps one too many times). The pain reminded me of the time I broke my back when I fell down the stairs. I was just immobilised and saw stars, literally. The cartoonists have part of it right at least – when you fall, you see stars… but no birds chirping and flying around the head. When I finally found enough courage, I looked down at my foot, and my middle toe was pointing to the right, instead of to the front. 🙁


The picture taken after I removed the bandage a day after the incident

And so, my injured foot meant that my friends had to help with my girl going to school again and I am really glad that I have friends who are so willing to give me a hand when I so need it. Also, I’m thankful it was the last week of term already so it meant that I needn’t trouble them for too long! When I saw a Chinese physician last Saturday, she said that it’s probably a hairline fracture in the foot (I googled and after assessing the painful areas, I’m quite certain that it’s the third metatarsal head that is fractured). In the end I decided not to go through the x-ray since my foot’s recovering slowly and I’m currently buddy-taping the toes and it’s helping my toe find its orientation again. My mum has been over a few times too to help out, buy me lunch and tea, do the marketing for me so that I could continue to cook and she even brought my girl to school once, much to my girl’s delight, and my aunt also offered to take leave to help. My hubby also came home much earlier than usual from work when I declared that I was so very afraid looking at my ultra bruised and swollen foot and my deformed toe the day after the incident happened.

Now what would I do without my family and friends?? I’m so thankful for my friends and family!!!

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2 Responses to #Thanksgiving – Family & Friends in time of need

  1. Oh dear! Get well soon, Angie! Thank God for friends, mom & relative helping you out!
    Jenn – lilbookworm recently posted…Symphony 92.4 fm – Young Talents Project 2013My Profile

  2. Lynn says:

    Oh goodness! It’s painful!
    But yes, if we look on the bright side, we can be thankful that there are family and friends who would render their assistance. Indeed, thank God for them!

    Get well soon!
    Lynn recently posted…[Tuesday Thoughts] Getting back to fitnessMy Profile

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