2 activities with recycled jelly cups

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There was a period of time my kids loved to eat jelly from those tiny jelly cups. And since we managed to find a very tasty and fruity jelly (a Japanese brand) from the supermarket, we had quite a few of those for sweet treats back then.

Then one day, I thought, hey, those jelly cups look like they could be recycled and used for something. But of course, I didn’t know what at that point in time. I was sure something would come to my mind.

And so I kept them. *hoarder alert*

Apart from my little boy trying to use them as tiny cups to drink water and my girl using them as ice-cream cups for pretend play, eventually I thought up of two activities which we could do with these recycled jelly cups!

(1) Sight word tic-tac-toe

I wrote sights words on little pieces of paper and stuffed them into the jelly cups (write a sight word on each side so you save paper and you can rotate words better) and provided coloured beads. You can use any sort of counters for this, as long as you have two sets to distinguish between the two players for the tic-tac-toe. To place her bead in that jelly cup, she’d have to read the sight word first – and that’s basically how the game is played. Simple and straightforward.

sight words game

(2) Sudoku (3×3 or 4×4)

I introduced and got my girl addicted to Sudoku with this.

 photo DSC_0699_zps789e0965.jpeg

I provided her with coloured beads and added a few beads in to start the game and she had to figure out where to place the rest of the beads to solve the puzzle.

diy kids sudoku

So if you happen to eat any jelly from jelly cups, you know what to do with them! 🙂

Note: These would only work with jelly cups with a flat base.


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