Tomato Photo {Review}

I’ve not had any photoshoot since the wedding photoshoot and I’ve been looking forward to having one now that we have two little angels in our little family. You can imagine how pleased I was when Hart from Tomato Photo offered us a photoshoot opportunity!

It was as if we weren’t meant to have our family photoshoot initially because we only managed to have our photos taken on the third scheduled appointment. The first time we got all dressed up for the outdoor photoshoot but our car had a flat tyre on the way there – it’s never happened at all before all these years I’ve been with my hubby so you can imagine how disappointed I was and I was feeling really bad about it because I had made Hart make a wasted trip to East Coast Park. The second time we were supposed to have our outdoor photoshoot, it poured.

Then we all decided that we’ll go with the studio photography instead and fortunately, everything went well this time!

We really liked Hart’s approach – he didn’t make us start immediately when we arrived but spent a good fifteen minutes interacting with us and the children, making sure that the children were warmed up for the photoshoot and were comfortable with him and the place. This was especially important for my little boy who is usually quite afraid of strangers and unfamiliar surroundings – and he had to handle both at the same time. But Hart’s friendliness easily won little Alex over.

Because it was a studio photoshoot, we knew we took more posed shots compared to an outdoor shoot but overall we were very impressed with how he handled our two kids – one who doesn’t take to instruction at all and one who does selective hearing. We were even more impressed when we viewed our photos a couple of weeks after our photoshoot.

I really like that we could view our photos from the online gallery in the comfort of our homes rather than head down to the studio to choose photos there instead, which is common practice for post-wedding photoshoots. No one to stand around behind us pressurising us to choose more photos than what’s in the package, and we could view it as many times as we liked – totally stress-free!

The photos turned out so well that I just have to share a few with you!:









And we even took a couple shot! How rare!!!


After we selected our photos, we just had to wait for our photo album to arrive and we were very elated to receive it. It came in a classy black casing –


The  6″ x 6″ album which showcased 20 of our favourite pictures from the shoot was also of good quality:




We had a wonderful experience at our first photoshoot! I had expected it to be stressful with two kids who are hardly cooperative but I guess Hart’s approach to getting to know the kids first helped a great deal!

Disclosure: We received a complimentary photo shoot and album from Tomato Photo. No monetary compensation was received and all opinions are, as usual, my own.

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