{Review} Philips PerfectCare PSG steam iron

I have a confession to make. My favourite household chore is ironing. There’s no greater satisfaction than watching a crumpled shirt turn absolutely straight and crisp. It’s therapeutic, really.

The level of satisfaction has been raised immensely lately with my newest toy – the Philips PerfectCare Pressurized Steam Generator (PSG) iron.

Philips Perfect Care Iron

Much as I love ironing, my greatest gripe about ironing is having to adjust settings on the iron for different materials. I usually would have to sort the laundry a little before I start so that I can start with the lowest heat setting and work to the materials that require the highest temperature. Sometimes I’m in a hurry and forget and my hubby’s pants usually bear the brunt of my carelessness and his black pants would end up with shiny iron marks.

Ah, but with my new iron, such accidents will become a thing of the past! With the revolutionary OptimalTEMP technology, I can easily move from ironing silk to linen to denim. No more sorting laundry or waiting for the temperature to be suitable before ironing different fabrics and no need to adjust any temperature dial (because there isn’t any!). There’s only one setting – and it’s the perfect setting for all ironable garments, thanks to the cyclonic steam chamber and advanced smart control processor!

The Philips PerfectCare PSG iron also comes with a 1.5L detachable water tank, providing up to 2 hours of ironing – I can save time on walking up and down refilling water! With limited time to complete my ironing (and other chores for that matter), I appreciate anything that makes my life easier and speeds up processes. Hence, I’m really glad that the PerfectCare PSG iron is ready to use in just 2 minutes, provides up to 6 bars of steam pressure, and that the iron uses Philips’ premium SteamGlide soleplate makes ironing fast, smooth and guarantees that ironing is nothing short of being a pleasurable experience (ok, maybe the last point is applicable only to me, but you’d have to try it to experience it for yourself).

Another awesome feature I love about this iron is its easy de-calc system – absolutely hassle free and effective scale removal extends the life of the steam generator:

Philips Perfect Care Iron

I also like that the iron can be locked securely to the pressurized steam generator and can be carried easily, this is especially useful when I set up the iron or store it away after an ironing session.

Philips Perfect Care Iron

To unlock, simply press the black button.

Together with the terrific Easy8 ironing board (complimentary with every purchase of PerfectCare PSG iron), I can easily live up to my nickname – the lean mean ironing machine 🙂 Allow me to explain. First, a picture:

Philips Perfect Care IronYou would have noticed that the ironing board comes with a unique ShoulderWing System which makes shirt ironing more convenient than ever. Here’s my hubby’s shirt on the board:

Philips Perfect Care Iron

No more time wasted adjusting and re-adjusting the shirt to reach the entire shirt! Just glide the iron over and ta-da! All done! Flip the shirt over:

Philips Perfect Care Iron

Ironing the front of the shirt is also a piece of cake, as you can see! The multi-layered board cover also helps with smoother gliding and faster ironing (top layer: 100% cotton; second layer: foam; third layer: felt)! I took at the most 2.5 minutes for one of hubby’s most troublesome shirts. Easy-care shirts were completed in well, less than a minute. I’m a lean, mean ironing machine, yeah!

With the powerful pressurized steam iron and the XL board shape (45x120cm), I ironed my king-sized quilt cover in a mere 10 minutes! Erm, yes, I iron even my bedsheets. I would have to take about 20 minutes at least with my previous iron and ironing board.

Philips Perfect Care Iron

I actually fell in love at once with the ironing board when I set it up. The person who designed this ironing board must have really had everything thought through thoroughly and probably had some experience ironing! Besides the obvious size and its unique shoulder wing system (which can be folded away when not in use), it’s got this nifty hanging rail by the side:

Philips Perfect Care IronI hang some the clothes I have to iron on the rail and simply place them back when I’m done (and then take the next batch). Such remarkable convenience! As you can see from the picture, the stable and extra large iron tray is perfect for steam generators. As it is heat resistant, it also works great with steam irons.

In the past when I did my ironing, I’d always miss my hubby’s call because my mobile phone would somehow always be somewhere else. Well I have no more excuses for missing his calls because this ironing board comes with a unique storage basket and I can place my phone in it, keeping it within reach during my ironing sessions. It’s also great for keeping the TV remote control in case I want to switch channels.

Philips Perfect Care IronThe ironing board also comes with a child and transport lock which prevents the board from accidentally collapsing while ironing (imagine what a catastrophe should an ironing board collapse while you are ironing!) and the board is kept closed during storage.

The only drawback about the iron and ironing board which I can think of is how some might find them too bulky – but hey, the size helps with increasing the efficiency and speed, so for me, I look past that fact and just clear some stuff in the storeroom to make room for them!

With such an ultimate combination of the perfect iron and ironing board, now who wouldn’t look forward to ironing? 🙂

The Philips PerfectCare PSG Iron retails for $699 (with a Complimentary Easy8 Ironing Board worth $299!) at leading electronics and departmental stores.

Disclosure: This is an advertorial and products were given to me for review purposes. All opinions are 100% mine.

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