Museo Sentosa {Review}

Arteastiq’s signature concept of combining the tea lounge cum social painting studio has been given a brand new packaging in MUSEO at Sentosa Cove, where we were recently invited for a food tasting session.

We went there for my birthday celebration, where both of us enjoyed some couple time, soaked in the interesting atmosphere and were treated to a wide array of good food and drinks.

If you go early enough, you would be able to catch the magnificent sea view. We obviously didn’t quite make it to check out the view.

Museo sentosa review

Nevertheless, we made ourselves comfortable at the table – the seat is actually a day bed so we kicked off our shoes and stretched our legs out!

Museo sentosa review

While waiting for us to make up our mind about our orders, we were served sweet potato chips:

Museo sentosa review

We had a customised Mezzanine set ($39):

Museo sentosa review

Top left: soft shell chilli crab served with sweet and savoury tomato-chilli sauce
Top right: deep fried Camembert cheese served with cranberry sauce
Bottom left: smoked roast pork belly served with hot sauce
Bottom right: barbequed squid with chilli and peppers

We noted how the Mezzanine dishes are named after famous artists and their works:

museo sentosa review

Out of the four dishes, I loved the soft shell crab best, followed by the roast pork belly, squid and cheese (in that order). If you know me well, you would know that I don’t like pork belly but since this was a food tasting session, I tried it and well, I loved it! It was extremely crunchy and I hardly tasted the fats at all!

Museo sentosa review

Love the dine-in-a-cup concept where you can simply hold the cup in your hand, sit back and just chill.

The soft shell crab is really quite spicy so if you want something spicy, go for that! I don’t really like squid but this was ok, possibly because I liked the peppery sauce. As for the cheese, it’s not bad (my hubby liked this) – I prefer it plain rather than dipped in the cranberry sauce it was served with.

If you want a drink to go with your meal, I highly recommend the lychee tea (I had the cold version). It’s extremely delightful! If you just want to paint an afternoon away at Museo, this is the drink you must order.

Museo sentosa review

Lychee tea ($11)

Hubby had the pear tea (hot) since he wasn’t feeling very well:

Museo sentosa review

Pear tea ($11)

The pear tea is milder in taste compared to the lychee tea, but still nice and thirst-quenching.

For the entrees, I had pan roasted cod fillet with baked scallop in its shell with onion relish and mushroom risotto.

Museo sentosa review

Pan roasted cod fillet ($33)

The cod was soft and creamy and the skin was crisp. I didn’t like the onion relish very much even though I’m quite a fan of onions. The baked scallops were quite nice but I thought the mushroom risotto could have been better. I was looking forward to having risotto but I found it lacking in moisture and there wasn’t much of a mushroomy taste.

Hubby had the two way lamb (shepherd pie and roasted marinated lamb rack, served with sauteed arugula and cherry tomato chutney):

Museo sentosa review

Two way lamb ($35)

The only complaint my hubby had was that the serving of the lamb was far too small – it tasted marvellous, according to him. Fortunately, the shepherd’s pie managed to fill him up a bit. 🙂

Before I show you what we had for dessert and after-dinner drinks, here are some pictures of the place! We had a view of the chefs:

Museo sentosa reviewArt pieces like the one below adorn the place:

Museo sentosa review

And of course here’s the art jamming studio in the centre of the restaurant (which can be converted into an area for a small exhibition):

Museo sentosa review

There’s also a private function room where functions or business meetings can be held:

Museo sentosa review

This is the birds eye view of the restaurant’s main entrance area (you’d have to climb up a flight of stairs to reach the dining area if you enter from this entrance):

Museo sentosa review

The decor isn’t complete as yet 🙂

This area is suitable as the initial reception area for holding guests prior to the actual function, be it a solemnisation or company event.

Museo sentosa review

For company events, the name of the company can be projected on the ceiling at the reception area

Now back to FOOD 🙂 For dessert, we had strawberry crumble:

Museo sentosa review

Traditional red wine stewed strawberry, served with gelato of choice ($12)

I found the strawberry a tad too sour but overall it was still good 🙂

Boasting a range of more than 30 specialty cocktails, Museo is not known as a Barroom for nothing. 🙂

Hubby had the Kopi-O:

Museo sentosa review

Signature cocktail – Kopi-O ($16)

It’s not just the normal local perk-me-up, in case you’re wondering. This cuppa is a combination of vodka and freshly brewed espresso, a perfect marriage of the two beverages according to the hubs.

Museo sentosa review

Since I’m still breastfeeding, I had to take a cocktail erm, without the alcohol. 😛

I had a Dietary Cocktail – Cucumber Mojito:

Museo sentosa review

Cucumber Mojito ($16)

A twist to the popular mojito, this cocktail is made with white rum, cucumber, mint and citrus. Since mine didn’t come with the white rum, I can’t say for sure that this would be nice, but I loved the taste of the combination of cucumber and mint. After my heavy meal, this was indeed a wonderful drink to end the dinner. 🙂


Sunday to Thursday: 1.30pm to 1am
Friday and Saturday: 1.30pm to 2am
6734 8066
Quayside Isle
31 Ocean Way, #01-22
Sentosa Cove, Singapore 098375

Disclosure: Our meal was sponsored by Museo. No monetary compensation was received. All opinion are 100% mine.

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