Lil man turns 1.5 years old!

Dear Alex,

Here’s the next instalment of your monthly update! And this month, you turn 18 months! Now here are some of your milestones as well as your little quirks and our outings together!:

#1 This month, you started to pick up more words and you have become more vocal! Last month when you spoke your first sentence (‘I want that’), I wasn’t quite prepared that you would be able to substitute ‘that’ with items you want so quickly! You were able to string sentences like ‘I want milk milk’, ‘I want walk walk’, ‘I want wear wear’ (shoes/cap), ‘I want bag bag’. You also picked up other words and phrases like ‘what(‘s) that’, ‘brown bear’, ‘no more’, ‘light light’, ‘knock’, ‘egg egg’, ‘up’, ‘read book’, ‘dark dark’, ‘door’, ‘bowl’, ‘watch’ (which sounds like ‘walk’ without the ‘k’, ‘bread bread’, ‘eat’, ‘wet wet’, ‘臭臭’ (‘smelly’) and with action too! and erm your version of ‘brush teeth’ is ‘baa tee’… LOL. Oh and you love to wear the cap this month and would always pat your head and exclaim ‘wear wear!’

#2 You recovered from a bad case of blocked nose and flu with TCM! You needed antibiotics but since you keep getting ill due to your sis bringing back germs from school and have been on antibiotics more often than I’m comfortable with, I decided to let you try TCM and you recovered very well – even faster than with antibiotics 🙂

#3 You have started to be interested in the alphabet song:

 photo DSC_0291_zps3b5b991b.jpeg


#4 and you easily pointed out the triceratops in a chart of dinosaurs (a new chart which you’ve never seen):

 photo IMG_0032_zpsb01275b2.jpg


#5 You love to go around the house holding a part of the kitchen set, pretending it’s an umbrella:

 photo DSC_0314_zpsbe443539.jpeg


#6 We visited the Gardens by the Bay:

 photo DSC_0330_zps06c3c866.jpeg


#7 Your gross motor skills have improved – you can waddle like a duck, deliberately crawl backwards and move forwards on your knees.

#8 We went for a staycation at Changi Village Hotel over the March holidays and you fed fish for the first time:

 photo DSC_0452_zps48967d74.jpeg


#9 You love rocking on the rocking horse:

 photo DSC_0536_zpsded2bd28.jpeg


#10 With your boundless energy, you love to explore everything and anything!:

 photo IMG_0024_zps9b1c981b.jpg


#11 Brushing your teeth is your favourite activity this month:

 photo IMG_0025_zpse9e552ef.jpg


#12 We went to Xiao Guilin:

 photo IMG_0026_zpse2288581.jpg


#13 And mummy brought you and your sis to the park. You are now officially ok with sand!:

 photo IMG_0027_zpsfccce840.jpg

 photo IMG_0028_zps5e010922.jpg

 photo IMG_0029_zpsfde705cc.jpg


#14 We went on a nature walk and you and your sis collected leaves, flowers and twigs:

 photo IMG_0030_zpse60f9775.jpg

 photo IMG_0031_zpsccc2d0cc.jpg

More adventures await us this month! Stay healthy my little darling!



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