Allergies, allergies!!!

If you have noticed, I have been very quiet on the blog and on my Facebook page. I’ve had no energy nor mood to blog with my swollen palms and feet and feeling itchy everywhere.

I was apparently allergic to some soup my mil cooked last Wednesday evening and my palms and feet started to swell, itch and hurt like crazy. After publishing the Playdoh review & giveaway (hop over if you’ve not participated!) on Thursday which I had already pre-written over the weekend, I was really not in the frame of mind to write.

Being a mom, I survived of course, cooking all the meals and doing everything as per normal despite the sleepless nights spent scratching and being in pain. Fortunately, after a stronger dose of antihistamines last night, I managed to feel better today. Finally!

I just needed to say that although food allergies aren’t that common and most people don’t really bother about them, these allergies can be very serious. Take for instance, nut allergies. Those with severe nut allergy could develop breathing problems, swelling of the throat and mouth, a change in the heart rate and even unconsciousness which could lead to death upon consuming nuts. Although I have a nut allergy, I’m thankful that I merely suffer from swollen palms and feet and the instant swelling of the tongue.

A few years ago, when I had food from a buffet line at a 6-star hotel, the dessert line was completely unmarked and of course, as you would expect, I had a nut allergy attack after that. I cannot imagine the consequences had it been someone else who has a more severe case of allergic reaction. But I think this instance says it all, about how much people really think about allergies. There were also desserts which contained alcohol, which really should be labelled too so that children and pregnant ladies would know.

Anyway, I’ve become extremely careful now when dining out with my allergies. Just didn’t quite expect it to happen when I’m technically not dining out. Now you know why I cook so often, eh? At the very least, I know what’s going into all my dishes!

P.S. The soup I was allergic to was made with ming2 mu4 yu2. If you know anything about this fish, do let me know!


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2 Responses to Allergies, allergies!!!

  1. Ivy lock says:

    A type of shell fish, looks like big tadpole if u go Tcm shop to buy, u could be allergic to shellfish type.

    • simplymommie says:

      Hi Ivy,
      Thanks for the info! My friend also told me it’s like a type of shell fish… well, since I’m allergic to clams, there’s quite a high chance that I’m allergic to that too!

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