Penguins small world play

penguins small world play

After reading about creating small world play for imaginative play, I went around scouting for some toy animals and I chanced upon a shop selling a good collection of Safari Toobs. These are so beautifully crafted and I would have bought more collections if we weren’t on a tight budget.

I would have used insta-snow if I had it on hand and I think I would try making fake snow next time I have a winter theme but I was anxious to put everything together immediately for my little girl so I used what I had – salt.

I had bought salt for making coloured salt to play with as my hubby would never allow me to buy sand for playing with so instead of colouring the batch of salt I bought, I used it to make the penguins small world play box.

penguins small world play
I added silver glitter, white pompoms, silvery white pompoms and tore aluminium foil into tiny bits. I wanted to add some decorative blue gems for the ‘ocean’ but I don’t have any but my little girl didn’t mind at all! It was all done in a matter of a couple of minutes but so many hours of enjoyment and imaginative play have elapsed since.

penguins small world play We had lots of fun and even my hubby couldn’t resist playing with this box. 🙂

 photo DSC_0167_zpscc8f5364.jpg

I love that angelic look on her face as she plays with the penguins

 photo DSC_0168_zpsfce3de8f.jpg

I love listening to her as she narrates what each penguin is up to in the box

 photo DSC_0169_zps7aa45dc4.jpg

and whoosh! goes the penguin across the snow!

 photo IMG_0009_zpsf5c956c2.jpg

To make things more educational, we borrowed some information books for preschoolers to learn more about the penguins we were playing with. I totally enjoyed the sessions we had sitting outside the house on a plastic sheet with our penguin small world play box and reading these books and finding the exact breed of penguins we read about in the books in our collection. 🙂


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