5 things to get to keep children comfortable, safe and HAPPY

As parents, I think we can all agree unanimously that nothing is more important than keeping our children comfortable, safe and happy. With young children and toddlers, this is especially so as they are more prone to getting hurt and are usually fussier when it comes to physical comfort. With these considerations in mind, I would like to recommend 5 products that I’ve been using in the past few weeks that have met these expectations. Indoors, outdoors, on the go – this post has got it all covered 🙂

#1 Inventa Sleeping Bag (from Love to Dream)

Before I started using the Inventa sleeping bag (for toddlers), I used to have to constantly worry if my little boy was feeling cold at night when he slept. Despite putting on his socks only after he has fallen asleep and tucking in his long-sleeved pyjamas into his pants and covering him with the blanket, he always manages to pull off his socks in the middle of the night and stretch so much that his little tummy is exposed. I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you what happened to the blanket.

How can any mother possibly have a good night’s rest every night just thinking about that little tummy exposed to the cold air-conditioning?

I am so glad I’ve found my solution to this problem – by zipping him up in the Inventa Sleeping bag! To be honest, I had my qualms about sleeping bags at first. I’ve always felt that sleeping bags are uncomfortable and overly warm and I was sure my boy would hate being in a bag with the restrictions and all but the Inventa sleeping bag has proven me wrong.

 photo DSC_0215_zps409e0c33.jpg

Lil man was so excited about the Inventa Sleeping bag – trying it out for the first time once the product arrived!

The Inventa sleeping bag is hypo-allergenic, it has 100% natural bamboo lining and is smooth, silky and highly breathable! With its Genius Cooling System™, it helps moderate the child’s temperature without disturbance and I never have to worry about my little man overheating in the bag.

Inventa sleeping bag

Can you see my fingers through the ventilation holes? Simply zip up if you are in a cold room and do not want any cold air entering the sleeping bag at all.

With the ergonomic design and soft-stretch fabric, my little boy can still toss about in bed comfortably without feeling the restrictions of being in a sleeping bag.

 photo DSC_0289_zps039ca591.jpg

sleeping soundly in the sleeping bag (took this pic of him in the morning at 7+am)

I also love how so much thought went into making the bag, with the Longa Shorta™ length feature, allowing the bag to grow with the child – something we discovered after a couple of days of using the bag when we realised that hey! there are extra buttons and they are there to shorten the bag! 🙂 And just in case you’re thinking the sleeping bag’s only for babies, my girl can still get into the bag – she’s about 1m tall:

 photo DSC_0217_zps41f470dc.jpg

It is also incredibly easy to use and even my little girl (4.5 years old) is able to tuck her brother in every night:

 photo DSC_0288_zps0ec56152.jpg

Little girl helps to zip him up every night – yes! It’s that easy to use that even my girl can do it.

Does my little boy like the sleeping bag? Well, he asks for ‘bag bag’ every night now when he wants to sleep!!

Product information:
Available in blue, pink and taupe
0.5 TOG (light weight) and 1 TOG (medium weight)
4-12 months, 12-36 months
For retailers, please see http://www.smtdistributors.com.sg/stockists/singapore-stockists.html

#2 Grubby Bubby Car Seat Cover

We make it a point to head out during weekends to spend some family time outside the home. Because my kids prefer home-cooked food, sometimes I cook and feed them during the time we’re travelling in the car if we’re short on time and they frequently snack in the car as well – you know, kids are somehow always hungry! With all that eating in the car, you can also expect that the carseats do get dirty and stained now and then and that irks me as the covers can’t be removed and washed thoroughly without having to take the carseat apart. Call me paranoid, but I’m just so afraid that they would get insect bites one day and who really likes to sit in a dirty seat, honestly?

And we started looking for car seat covers and we found Grubby Bubby’s car seat cover to be ideal for us – it covers the entire chair and its easy slip-on and off design makes it extremely easy to remove and clean.

 photo DSC_0212_zpsdc3d19a6.jpg

Soft and light-weight, it is comfortable to sit on. This car seat cover fits most carseats so there are little compatibility issues. If you have young babies who regurgitate often, especially during car rides, this car seat cover could be your lifesaver.

 photo DSC_0300_zpsb63c2d30.jpg

The Grubby Bubby car seat cover fits Alex’s Britax carseat perfectly!

Product information:
Available in chocolate, marine, apple, fuchsia
For retailers, please see http://www.smtdistributors.com.sg/stockists/singapore-stockists.html

#3 Grubby Bubby Car Seat Liner

We needed something to protect my preschooler’s car seat as well and we decided on the Grubby Bubby car seat liner and like its car seat cover counterpart, it is also fully removable and machine washable:

 photo DSC_0211_zpsf9577648.jpg

Fabric: Outer 100% polyester. Waterproof lining, polyester with PVC coating

This is great for booster seats and when your child is older and isn’t creating a huge mess like younger babies. Simply place the car seat liner on the seat and that’s all – no need to remove the car seat!:

Grubby Bubby car seat liner

Here’s how it looks on our car seat

The best part about this car seat liner is that its innovative design fits ALL car seats and booster seats (simply slot the seat belt buckle through the hole!) and it’s super comfortable as well!

Truly, the Grubby Bubby Car Seat Liner’s absorbent layer with waterproof backing takes the stress out of car trips and is an absolute life saver even during toilet training days.

 photo DSC_0285_zps4a23a500.jpg

My little girl sitting on the car seat liner, trying her best to show most of the car seat liner 😀

Product information:
Available in black and white
For retailers, please see http://www.smtdistributors.com.sg/stockists/singapore-stockists.html

#4 Snuggin Go

Being on the go quite often, inevitably, our children fall asleep in the car and stroller some days.

 photo IMG_0016_zpsf09fc5ef.jpg

Is this a common sight for you too?

I find it particularly disturbing to see little man sleeping in such a position as it looks really uncomfortable with his head tilted to the side. My girl hardly fell asleep in the car when she was his age so we never really had to look for something to solve this problem back then. After comparing a couple of products, we finally decided on Snuggin Go Too®.

 photo DSC_0303_zps9db2c4ab.jpg

Designed by a neo-natal nurse in the USA and USA-made, Snuggin Go Too® provides amazing support for children (up to 30kg!) in car seats, strollers, high chairs etc., keeping their heads upright and airway in a neutral position.

 photo IMG_0017_zps547b4a82.jpg

His head is nicely propped up by the Snuggin Go Too® instead of tilting to the side

 photo IMG_0018_zpsc90305f4.jpg

His head nicely propped up by the Snuggin Go Too when he’s asleep in the stroller

 photo DSC_0305_zpsbaeec9db.jpg

I can use it for my girl too!

 photo DSC_0253_zps70f74886.jpg

Don’t you want to sit in his car seat too? It looks incredibly comfortable!

There’s hardly any installation to do – simply place it on the carseat and adjust the shoulder bar to the child’s correct shoulder height. I love that it offers full head support when my children recline their heads back. The best part? The cover’s washable!

Snuggin Go Too®

View of the back of Snuggin Go: The shoulder bar is adjusted by simply sliding it up or down.
To wash, simply remove the cover!

The Snuggin Go is also recommended for children with scoliosis because it helps to position the spine and it’s great for children who favour holding their head to one side (torticollis). This is undoubtedly the best head support you can find for both babies and children!

Product information:
Available in 2 sizes – 1.7kg -12kg; 10-30kg
– small size: light pink, light blue, camel, black
– large size: dark pink, green, camel, black
Optional lumbar support bar and optional leg rest can be purchased separately as add-ons if needed.
For retailers, please see http://www.smtdistributors.com.sg/stockists/singapore-stockists.html

#5 Monkey Swimmers

My little girl loves swimming (can’t say the same for my boy though)! After using a couple of those inflatable arm floats and recently buying an absolutely faulty one which could not remain inflated as the seal could not remain closed, we decided to try another type of arm floats – Monkey swimmers.

Monkey swimmers

Monkey swimmers arm floats prior to removing any parts. Comes with a handy swim bag to store the floats when going for a swim

Do you see a 7-point star in the floats above? Simply remove it from the floats, slot your little one’s arms through and she’s ready to float. Monkey Swimmers will softly but securely grip the arm, even over wet shirts, and provide a cushioned, comfortable and very secure fit for children aged 1-6. These arm floats incorporate the latest Patented Swimming Technology resulting in what is the slimmest, safest and most comfortable swimming aid ever developed (the Monkey Swimmers design exceeds Australian, British and European swimming product safety standards). With the secure grip and the fact that these floats will never be deflated in the water, I feel more at ease when my children are in the pool (but still, never leave your child unsupervised in the water).

Apart from being hassle-free and knowing my children will be safe with these floats on, I like that these new swimming trainers have a unique system which allows parents to remove the layers on the float as the child becomes more confident in the water. I think this is what sets the Monkey Swimmers apart from other arm floats.

Monkey Swimmers have multiple removable ‘concentric layers’ (see photo above). This patented design results in a super slim armband ensuring that your child can move his/her arms freely which enhances the learning to swim process. As your child gains confidence you can reduce the buoyancy by taking a layer off.

These arm floats come with a book and a progress chart and since each layer of the float is numbered, when you take a layer off, you can track your child’s development by filling out the progress chart. Each layer corresponds to a different stage on the progress chart. Besides working as a form of encouragement for the child, this progress chart makes a perfect keepsake as your little one learns to swim.

Monkey swimmers chart

An additional perk of getting these arm floats? Monkey Swimmers come with the children’s story book “Monkeys Can’t Swim,” the illustrated story about how Monkey Swimmers were invented in the jungle and some facts about the rainforest and our environment.

Monkey swimmers book

Monkey Swimmers are made from super soft recyclable foam. What I love about these floats? They weigh next to nothing and gone are the days where we’re breathless from trying to inflate the floats at the pool while trying to keep the children out of the pool first.

monkey swimmers

We brought the Monkey Swimmers along on our recent staycation during the March holidays

Prior to using Monkey Swimmers, my daughter had not dared to float in deeper waters (apart from when she was a young baby). When she reached the toddler stage, she refused to get into a pool (even with arm floats on) where her feet could not touch the floor and would scream hysterically if she’s in the deeper waters and we try to let her float on her own. After getting the Monkey Swimmers, we’re soooo glad she has finally agreed to venture into deeper waters to float around – ah, the first step to learning swimming is confidence in water!

Monkey swimmers

She’s so comfortable with the Monkey Swimmers that she’s asked to go swimming so often so that she can ‘swim on her own’ 🙂

We’re looking forward to peeling the first layer off soon!

Product information:
For retailers, please see http://www.smtdistributors.com.sg/stockists/singapore-stockists.html

Find out more at http://www.smtdistributors.com.sg/.


Disclosure: This is an advertorial. Opinions expressed are 100% mine.

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