Upcycled containers for kids’ play

I mentioned that I changed the container for stuffing pompoms in my 3 slot-it-in activities for toddlers and I thought it’d be nice to upcycle it a little to make it look better and I just wanted to share it with you! Here’s how it looks like:

upcycled canisters

I removed the original packaging and stuck pretty paper on the can with PVA glue and covered the paper with contact paper to give it a glossy finish while protecting the paper from getting wet (you know how toddlers always seem to have gross saliva-smeared hands all day long, right?)

Here are the two upcycled containers I use for stuffing in pipe cleaners. Besides stuffing in pipe cleaners, you could of course cut the plastic cover to stuff in whatever you’d like, such as popsicle sticks, straws, anything long-ish to make full use of the tall container.

upcycled canisters I used washi tape to tape around the bottles and they look so much better with just a simple polka-dotty and stripey makeover 🙂 And it takes only a couple of minutes to do this! Children do love looking at pretty objects so a little upcycling with minimal effort is really worth it!


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