Celebrating Chinese New Year – Sentosa Flowers 2013

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Chinese New Year is just in a few days time and if you aren’t too busy visiting during the CNY break, do consider ushering in the year of the Snake along with the sun, sand, sea and a million blooms on Sentosa! 🙂 Sentosa Flowers was birthed in 2005 by Sentosa and showcases the wonders of creation with thousands of tropical and spring flowers in a myriad of species presented in a natural outdoor setting.

 photo image006_zpsbcf7800c.jpg

This is the first year Sentosa Flowers is held by the beach and to tie in with the theme, Sentosa staff led by homegrown sandsculptor Joo Heng Tan will attempt to break the Singapore Book of Records with the ‘Longest Snake Sand Sculpture’:

Sentosa flowers 2013

We were honoured to meet the granule master, Joo Heng Tan, who has been referred to as “Vincent Sand Gogh” by the Daily Mail and we were extremely excited to be part of this record breaking sand sculpture creation!

snake sand sculpture sentosa

Joo Heng Tan, the sand sculptor extraordinaire guided the young ones how to create designs using coloured sand on the snake sculpture he had made:

 photo collage-1_zpsbc989b96.jpg

After the demonstration, the kids were invited to help themselves to the coloured sand and decorate any part of the snake:

 photo DSC_0981_zps8db9d1c3.jpg

 photo DSC_0995_zps1d191996.jpg

looking on happily as she worked on her design

Little man couldn’t take part as we were afraid he’d ruin the sculpture… luckily he was contented to dig sand nearby

 photo DSC_1035_zps12b9d30e.jpg

our final design before we had to leave for POLW

As the garden fairies are still busy putting up the flowers for Sentosa Flowers, in the spirit of celebrating Sentosa Flowers, the children were invited to Port of Lost Wonder to learn to pot a plant.

sentosa flowers 2013

photo-taking outside POLW while waiting for wristbands for admission

port of lost wonder

Alright, I have to admit that I learnt how to pot a plant that day! I’ve always wondered how to transfer plants to another pot but was too lazy to go figure that out but well, I learnt it at POLW 🙂 Never too old to learn!

The children were guided through the steps, from choosing their pots and plants to placing pebbles, soil and watering their plants.

pot a plant port of lost wonder


And well, since we were at POLW, what better way to cool off on a super hot day than playing with bubbles (you’d need to pay with your curios coins for this!) and taking a dip? 🙂

 bubble fun port of lost wonder


Here’s wishing you a happy Chinese New Year in advance and remember to click the link to find out the details of the Sentosa Flowers 2013.


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  1. Dorothy says:

    Its very obvious that you guys had a great fun celebrating chinesse new year! Amazing! I love the sentosa flower. They look so pretty!

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