16th month old milestones

Dear Alex,

Plenty of stuff happened this month and honestly, I’m glad I keep a record of your growth and behaviour on this blog, otherwise, I’d never be able to remember so many things! I’ve always regretted not having a blog earlier to pen down my thoughts while watching your sister grow actually… so many milestones I should have noted down. Anyway, this was what you were up to this month!:

#1 You can take off loose fitting T-shirts.

Fortunately, you don’t do this often! Otherwise, you’d really never recover from your cold!

#2 You love triceratops and even tried to pronounce its name and you can pick it out from a whole bunch of dinosaurs when I ask for the triceratops.

 photo DSC_0859_zpse349c134.jpg

#3 You are proficient in comprehending instructions, even new ones with just one demonstration of what I want you to do.

#4 You can successfully self-feed for a meal:

 photo IMG_0005_zpse3a17a89.jpg

#5 You love taking kiddy rides with your sister:

 photo IMG_0006_zpsaf86fca8.jpg

#6 You love copying everything your sister does!
You’d rush to the toilet, climb up the stool and spit after I’m done brushing your teeth even though there’s no need for you to do so! 😛

#7 You love to sit at the corner of the toilet to wait for me:

 photo DSC_0914_zps8fd30fe3.jpg

#8 You are obsessed about your weight:

 photo DSC_0928_zps12fabb87.jpg

You’d drag out the weighing machine from under the counter and weigh yourself a few times a day!

#9 You can fix duplo pieces together:

 photo DSC_0919_zps8defe509.jpg

#10 You enjoy your pull-along toys:

 photo DSC_0923_zps1e0cb4f6.jpg

#11 You can express the need to change your diaper.

When I brought you to the nursing room at West Mall, you knew exactly what we were there for! You pointed at your chest and said ‘milk milk’. Then when I asked if you wanted to drink milk first or get changed first, you patted your diaper and said, ‘wet wet’. 🙂

#12 You have stopped mouthing small objects, about 98% of the time.

And so, I’ve let you play with shaving foam with your sister during your bath and I’ve started you on some fine motor skills activities, beginning with these three slotting activities.

 photo 3slot-it-inactivities-1_zps282b6c33.jpg

#13 You love hanging out outside the house doing activities with your sister

 photo IMG_0003_zps9ccd7f4c.jpg

playing with chalk

 photo IMG_0004_zps6ec91727.jpg

helping to clean up

 photo IMG_0010_zps213fd041.jpg

playing with leftover dough

Another exciting month ahead, my little one! I wonder what you’d do this upcoming month! 🙂


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