Lollibox {Review + Giveaway}

School has started and the routines we had last year are slowly falling back in place. During tiring times like these where the whole family makes adjustments to schedules, I’m glad to have received a Lollibox for home-learning with my girl so I don’t need to do any of my own research for lesson ideas.

Lollibox Review

The little girl was so happy when she was given her Lollibox for home-learning at night!

The Lollibox contains learning activities which you can do with your child and it aims to develop every child’s creativity and expression.

For the January theme, we received the Itsy Bitsy Bugs box. In every Lollibox, there are four components – Create, Discover, Enrich and Award – which are packaged neatly in ziploc bags and there’s even a Bonus Activity pack!

Lollibox review

We received a welcome kit (which includes a kids scissors and kids PVA craft glue) too. It is actually a FREE GIFT when you subscribe 3/6/12 months:

Lollibox review

I really like the glue provided in the welcome kit as it’s really glue suited for what is required for the activities in the Lollibox. The Kids PVA glue is strong enough to bond paper, cardboard, fabric and even wood so you needn’t worry about your crafts not taking shape.

Lollibox review


Upon completion of all activities, Lollibox includes an Award for the child to reinforce the child’s self-confidence and boost his/her sense of achievement. And in the case of this box we received, it’s an Itsy Bitsy Bugs badge. My girl refused to wait till she had completed the activities and excitedly wore the badge first before embarking on the first activity:

Lollibox review


For the Discovery component, we made a spider from scratch, complete with its own spider web:

Lollibox review

1. I love how the package comes with clear, full-coloured step-by-step instructions and more than enough materials for the activity (one whole ball of yarn, 2 pairs of googly eyes and 2 black chenille stems (pipe cleaners). No need to second guess how to do the craft or have to google for more instructions online.

2. She cut the pipe cleaners and bent them to look like spider legs.

3. The completed spider legs.

4. The completed spider. The instructions say wrap the yarn around your fingers for at least 50 times and we did about 70 times and it was a success. I took the opportunity to encourage her to count up to 70 – normally she counts up to 30 at most but she obliged this time for the sake of her spider friend. πŸ™‚

5. Busy spinning the web.

6. The completed spider with the web which she has given to her Chinese teacher as a present. πŸ™‚


This was quite an interesting activity and light sticks with kids you know are usually an instant hit. πŸ™‚

Lollibox review


1. We love the green bottle provided for the activity – excellent colour choice which brings out the glow! Again, we had more than enough material for the activity.

2. Full-coloured step-by-step instructions provided to ensure that both adult and kid will never be lost in the instructions.

3. I thought the mosaic tiles provided added a nice touch and the child is given the flexibility to either glue it on the firefly’s body or place it in the bottle. My little girl chose to place them in the bottle – I guess she was just trying to quickly get to the part where the light stick comes in.

4. Cutting out the wings template which comes with the instructions.

5. Finally! Breaking the light stick! I love how this is one of those thick light sticks which really GLOW very well and ours glowed for more than one day!

6. Fascinated with the light stick!

7. The completed firefly in light. We love how the firefly looks in the dark as well (see centre pic in the collage)!

Bonus activity

The bonus activity comes with activity cards about 5 bugs. There are some simple questions for the kid to answer on the cards and the highlight of the pack is to make clay bugs with the clay provided.

Lollibox review

It was fun but also tiring to do as it requires lots of concentration so we split up the activity to be done on different days.


Lollibox review


The last component of the Lollibox is to work on further carefully selected activities to keep the kid as busy as a bee.

The items for this component weren’t provided to our disappointment but since these were things found in our home, we quickly got our act together.

We made a paper chain caterpillar for the Art activity – an additional activity to add to my list of activities to do with The very hungry caterpillar by Eric Carle! The extra pair of googly eyes from the Incy Wincy Spider craft certainly came in handy here!:

Lollibox review


For the Science activity, we quickly just cut and taped a small piece of contact paper down on the kids’ table. Being very familiar with contact paper as we’ve worked with it quite a few times, the most recent being our glitter snowflakes and contact paper process art activity, little girl wasn’t very excited when she was asked to move her fingers across the contact paper to simulate how insects get caught in a sticky spiderweb.

Lollibox review

Ahhh, but the fun came when I let her dip her fingers into some baby oil and walk across the contact paper – that’s something new to her! This was to demonstrate why spiders don’t get stuck in their own web as they have an oily substance on their legs:

Lollibox review


And after that of course, spiders were forgotten and it was just sensory fun for her:

Lollibox review


The Lollibox is recommended for kids 3-7 years old. For this box, I’d say that my little girl participated actively in the activities though she wasn’t able to complete every task on her own due to her age.

Lollibox will be revising their prices with effect from 1 Feb 2013 so be sure to get yours or subscribe before then to enjoy this fun box with your child at the old price ($24.90). Check out the subscription details and revised prices here. If you’re looking for a gift, you can consider the Lollibox – check out how at the gift section. Party packsΒ (customisable for 25 packs and above) are available as well πŸ™‚

Now for the good news!

I have ONE Lollibox and TWO $10 vouchers to give out for my readers!

Simply follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter widget below and that’s it!

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Disclosure: I received a Lollibox and a welcome gift pack for review purposes.

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21 Responses to Lollibox {Review + Giveaway}

  1. Jess says:

    My kids love art and craft. Hope to keep them occupied while I’m doing housekeeping. Never has a chance to win this; hope I’m lucky this time.

  2. Carol Lim says:

    Besides all the unstructured play and fun that my two boys have at home daily, I hope winning the lollibox would give us ready craft activities that I can sit them down to focus and do. Boys and bugs go perfectly well together!

  3. Jaime Chan says:

    I have also executed art n crafts on my own mostly using ideas from pinterest with my kids. i have never tried things like lollibox before and i really wonder if such customised art and craft boxes are more effective , more fun ..or purely more convenient for parents. hope to win one to try my hands on it and be truly convinced by the benefits of lollibox

  4. Irene Fock says:

    Would like to win this for my boy, Tristan, who loves crafting. This will definitely keep him entertain and able to express out his creativity! Thanks!

  5. Adora @ Gingerbreadmum says:

    Ooooh the baby oil on contact paper thing is way cool!

    Between for preparing craft sessions for my 4 year-old, things to occupy the 9 month old while I work with the 4 year-old, and putting materials together for the craft sessions I conduct at home with other people’s kids, I am absolutely wiped out! A fully prepared craft kit would be a godsend!
    Adora @ Gingerbreadmum recently posted…Foodie Friday: Poppy’s LunchMy Profile

  6. Monika C says:

    The box seems fun, great stuffs to occupy my active 2 yrs old son.

  7. Ling Ping says:

    Lollibox is a great teaching n learning tool πŸ™‚

  8. Carolyn Ho says:

    Like what u mentioned, having a lollibox on hand allows mummy to take a break from thinking so hard about what to teach your lil’ tots by simply following the suggested lesson plans!

  9. Winnie Lam says:

    My kid will love the firefly craft.

  10. Lynn Soh says:

    Thanks for the chance to win a Lollibox! My girl would really love this bugs box πŸ™‚

  11. Linda says:

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway. Would love to win this set for my boy as we like to do art and crafts at home.

  12. Chor Ee says:

    This looks so interesting and educational. Would be loads of fun doing this with my 5 year old boy. The sense of achievements certainly are great for both the kids and mummy when finished given the good quality of the material.

  13. Cen Lin Ting says:

    Would love if we can win! Had been wanting to get my hands on one set to see if its suitable for my 3yo super active son. Hope can win and try it out then I dont have to over crack my pea brain on what to do with my son. πŸ™‚
    Cen Lin Ting recently posted…Fun with Tots Series @ Public LibraryMy Profile

  14. Yvonne Chang says:

    Hi, trying my luck to win this giveaway. This look interesting and creative material to let my kid learn to do some art and craft..thanks!

  15. Sam says:

    Would love to win this craft! The bugs theme looks too fun for the bub and the mom her self would like to learn a thing or two πŸ˜‰

  16. Lilium says:

    This box sounds fabulous and fun! Thanks for organising the giveaway.

  17. deborah says:

    Lollibox will surely delight my girl who loves crafts. A perfect surprise New Year gift for my little one!

  18. Ct Chooi says:

    Lollibox is a fun activity for all ages child. Sure worth of owning one at home!

  19. soo yee says:

    Sounds fun for a toddler to unwrap a box full of learning surprises!

  20. Mummybean says:

    I’ve tried other theme on Lollibox before but this one looks fun.
    Mummybean recently posted…The Work Starts NowMy Profile

  21. Esther says:

    Would love to win a Lollibox for my dear son. Cheers!

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