Best of 2012 – my favourite kids activity post of the year

I didn’t write much in the first half of 2012 as I only picked up blogging again shortly after I moved in June. It has been an exciting blogging year for me, with some of my posts featured by Daily Candy and early childhood education blogs!

My favourite post of the year related to parenting has to be the ‘letter’ I wrote to my children in October, but since we’re focusing on kids activities, my favourite kids activity post of the year has to be the one that captured the activities we did when we read The Perfect Square (click on the link for the full range of activities).

We loved the little story of a square who made the best of whatever happened in every situation and eventually found contentment being the square that he was.

We painted squares in the colours similar to the ones in the book:


and re-created the pictures in the book:

DSC05163 (1)


And we took the opportunity to explore Piet Mondrian’s art:



HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone and I hope to blog about more kids activities this year! 🙂

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