15 months old!

To my dearest little boy,

This month was as exciting for you as it was for me.

Early in the month, you finally made it up the dining chair which you have been trying to scale for the past few months:


You are also proficient in holding a normal cup to drink water


though you still derive much pleasure in pouring water out from the cup just to make a mess. You duly inform me of the mess by exclaiming “Uh oh! Drop!” and “wet wet”. As I clean up the mess, you give a good narration of what you see by summing it up as “wipe wipe”. Sometimes, you try to be funny with your drink too:


Your verbal skills have improved by leaps and bounds this month as you manage to imitate our speech sounds a lot better than before. “Bird”, “bye” and “milk milk” were and still are your most used words and I love it when I say “kiss” and you pucker up your lips and plant a kiss on my lips and how clever you look when you point to my chest or yours and declare you want “milk milk”.

You can self-feed and sometimes insist on doing so, well, at least for part of the meal:


You experienced the river ride for the second time in your life, though you were probably a lot more aware of it this time.



You when you were 2 months+! Look at your chubby face!

You had a wonderful time doing pretend play at Singapore’s newest indoor playground The City:


You still don’t really fancy play dough, even if it’s peppermint scented play dough, and you promptly threw one entire ball of playdough into the porridge, ruining both items.


As for food, you’re generally bored with porridge and prefer rice with yummy soups and your current favourites are tofu and sweet corn soup and potato and carrot soup. Pan-fried teriyaki cod/ salmon is your favourite side-dish and you go for noodles (even purple wheat noodles!) though it seems that spaghetti is no longer on your list of favourites.

You’re walking so fast these days, almost running in fact and daddy says mummy will probably have to work hard just catching up with you! 😛

Love you more each day,


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