Review of Ocean Health Kids Supplements

School’s starting soon for the kids and you’re wondering which brand of supplements to buy for your children in the coming year?

You’ll be glad to know that Ocean Health, an established Singapore health supplements company, has launched five OceanKids children’s health supplements catering to kids ages two to twelve!

OceanKids - Ocean Health Kids supplement range

The sample supplement pack I received for the review

These five children’s supplements are specially formulated to support and enhance a child’s immunity, brain function and physical growth. Each range has a lovable mascot which caught my daughter’s attention immediately when the bottles arrived!: Cory the Cow, Freddy the Fish, Larry the Lion, Robbie the Rabbit and Bessie the Bee. To be honest,  I didn’t know the names of the mascots earlier on but nevertheless, my preschooler was particularly excited to eat vitamins from the Cow, Fish and Rabbit because she loves those animals. 🙂

OceanKids - Ocean Health Kids supplement range

A sample of one serving of vitamins

Each chewable gummy comes in a delicious fruit flavour and most of the bottles came with an assortment of flavours in each bottle (read details below) – I didn’t taste any but my daughter was surely very keen when it was time for vitamins and she was the one who took the initiative to remind me about giving her the supplements. If she had her way, she’d have probably consumed everything in a day but of course, we followed the instructions and gave only the recommended dosage for the day. Overall, my daughter loves the taste of the vitamins but be careful when pouring out the vitamins as the excess sugar which falls off the vitamins may fall out of the bottle in the process!

More information about the products:

  1. C Boost – Vitamin C for free radical protection (orange flavoured chewable gummy) SGD24.9o
  2. Bone Boost – Calcium with vit D for maximum bone strength (SIX delicious fruit flavours in the bottle) – SGD24.90
  3. Complete Boost – a complete multivitamin formulated with 15 essential vitamins and minerals to support a child’s rapid growth, these gummies are fortified with extracts of vegetable, fruit and fibre (SIX delicious fruit flavours in the bottle) – SGD24.90
  4. Immune Boost – the chewable gummies are formulated with Echinacea to stimulate the immune system, plus Vitamin C for free radical protection and and Zinc for rapid and effective healing (SIX delicious fruit flavours in the bottle) – SGD24.90
  5. Brain Boost – Omega 3 Fish oil with DHA and EPA (SIX delicious fruit flavours in the bottle) – SGD39.90

All OceanKids products are available at Guardian pharmacies, Watsons, Unity Healthcare outlets and leading drug and departmental stores.


Disclosure: I received a sample pack of vitamins for this review. All opinions expressed are 100% mine.

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2 Responses to Review of Ocean Health Kids Supplements

  1. uzma says:

    I have recently bought ocean kids brain boost for my kid. He doesnt like it at all. He throw out from the mouth. When i taste it , it tastes not good its like very fishy.
    I am very disappounted.

    • simplymommie says:

      Hi Uzma, so sorry to hear that he doesn’t like it. My kids are currently not eating any more supplements at the moment but when my girl was eating these she really enjoyed them and most times I had to stop her from taking too many at one go. I’ve tasted the orange ones before and thought it tastes alright. Hopefully you’d be able to find something suitable for your boy soon! 🙂

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