{Guest post} 5 Healthy Diet Plan Tips For Toddlers

When it comes to the topic health we first think about the food and diet we take. Whole family health care is important; especially when kids are residing at home the focus should be on their food. As the toddlers are not used to all kinds of sustenance, let them have the food containing proteins and vitamins. Never encourage them in outside or the fast-foods which may cause any chemical imbalance. Instead opting those, here below are five healthy diet plans for them.

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  1. Your kid may have milk one day, fruits the next day but not the same old dish. Make your toddler to eat well practically. Give them 150 ml of milk early in the morning. This can be the best carbohydrate intake. Milk consisting of full-cream or the cow’s milk is very good for their health. Make them eat the dairy products like the yoghurt, cheese etc.
  2. There are special breakfasts for toddlers with mixed cereals and fruits. Few babies may be allergenic of wheat or grain, so make them have the special cereal food with the favourite berries in it. They may eat it without ignoring. Try mixing a tablespoon of honey in the bowl so that the infant can gain little iron from honey products.
  3. Raw nuts and beans are not much liked by the kids. Semi-boil or bake them and mix in their favourite recipe. Use different varieties of fruits for topping. Let them consume it whole heartedly. Few children will not consume food or will not maintain diet, for them crushed banana is best. It generates many calories and vitamins to the body. All the fruits are healthy for children.
  4. Instead of making them eat flour biscuits or other products; give them wheat and soya biscuits which are rich in nutrients. Smoothies also can work well on them. Mix little amount of yoghurt and a fruit with the smoothie. Rarely make them have peanut or nuggets chocolates which rich in caramel and honey. These can be taken as snacks or any leisure time.
  5. Children should take sufficient amount of food. Lack of food may disturb their metabolism and cause any deficiency. Supper must be filled with nourishments like the corn shells, pastas, flakes and fish cakes. Give them sufficient water. Over food is not good for health. If they are hungry give them milk with any protein powder.

These are the healthy diet plan tips. Give your kids what they want to eat, until it is good for health. Maintain the serving sizes. Sudden increase in size may not be digestible. Proper diet for your toddler can be given by best and hygiene food materials. Make your kids grow with healthy nourishments rather than the unbalanced diets. So always recommend your child with good nourishments.


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  1. Ai Sakura says:

    interesting tips. I’ll try to get more nutritious wheat or soya biscuits for my girl. Usually she likes just plain crackers!
    Ai Sakura recently posted…Christmas 2012 | More Festive Photos along Orchard Road!My Profile

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