{Tips for Moms}: 5 Little Tips to Sanity for FTWM

A full time working mother of 3 active young kids, Amie loves to express her views and feelings through writing and therefore created Mamamie’s Thots to note down her feelings, the growing phases of her 3 beautiful kiddos and she rambles about any interesting stuff that revolves around her family.


As a full time working mother, my day starts as early as 5.30am in the morning. Every morning is like fighting a battle at home, from trying to force myself to wake up, preparing all the necessary stuff for the children and hubby, slowly waking them up one by one and finally rushing to the bathroom to get myself ready for work. Yes…I am always in a mad rush every morning and I managed to stay that way for many years too

My mum stays with me so she helps me by doing some of the household chores everyday. When all the kids are asleep at night, I will stay up late to finish my part of the chores occasionally. Since we had bad experiences with live-in helper, we decided to manage everything by ourselves for as long as possible. At the same time, the older kiddos are told to learn how to help out when necessary. At times, I feel frustrated and think why I have to slog so hard every day. I did consider about getting back the live-in helper but the thought of giving myself extra mental burden deter me from getting one in the end.

To keep myself sane from the hectic lifestyle, I have learnt how to:


From being a mother of just 1 to now a mother of 3, I have been trained to be a good multi-tasker. I have learnt how to use the limited time given to maximise what I can do with the kids. For example, while coaching the oldest one with his school work, I will fold the clothing while overseeing the younger ones playing together.

#Rely On Mobile Calendar

I have a mobile phone calendar which I will use frequently to remind me on the go which I have to complete on that specific day. I even set an alarm to alert me when kiddos have no enrichment lesson so that I do not have to waste my time ferrying them around.

#Stick To My Schedule

Every week I will allocate at least 2 nights to do house chores when everyone is in their moo moo land. For example, I will iron the pile of clothings on every Friday night. No matter how tired I am, by hook or by crook I must finish all the ironing that day. I cannot give myself excuses to postpone it otherwise that pile of clothing will pile up like a mountain.

#Maintain Neatness

Always try to maintain the house as neat as possible.  For example, I always try to put things back to the original place after using it and the kiddos will be asked to do the same too. There will be lesser chances for me to clean up after their mess.

#Close one eye

When I’m too sick or tired to do anything, I will just close one eye and let my body rest for a day 🙂


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  1. Ai Sakura says:

    haha I like your tip about closing one eye! ;p I think I do that pretty well heehee. My day starts about 6.30am and it really is a mad mad rush.. maybe I should try to wake up earlier like you!
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